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Hello. I'm Loz James, The Content Champion®.

I'm a conversion copywriter with a background in journalism, blogging and SEO - and host of the Content Champion Podcast. I'm also building my own portfolio of income-earning content sites.

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I work with personal-brand bloggers, startups and online business owners to craft engaging content both your readers and Google will love.

I specialise in writing conversion-focused copy for key stages of the content marketing funnel - such as power posts, content upgrades, email series & sales/landing pages.

I've been writing professionally for over two decades, and my content will help you:

  • Increase your search visibility
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Convert searches into sales

Over the years I've worked on hundreds of client copywriting, SEO and content marketing projects - both autonomously and as part of a team (view clients & testimonials here).

I've also built multiple WordPress websites for clients, friends and my own niche site projects - creating content and working on SEO strategies for most of them.

In that time I've crafted content alongside hundreds of writers, so I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of both sparkling copy that takes your breath away - and terrible text that's late and beyond saving.

Suffice to say, I've never missed a deadline in my career, and if you hire me I'll work diligently and honestly to deliver you my best possible copy. 

So if you want your content to convert, you need to speak with an experienced converison copywriter today...

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Doug Hopeman 

Artificial Plants & Trees

"If you're having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, Loz at Content Champion is great to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website. He helped my company fix a major website glitch and bring traffic back to my site. Loz's work is transparent and his communication is great. He is an honest and enjoyable partner to work with."

Roger Cleary

Roger Cleary

Liberty Physio

"I have been working with Loz James for the last 6 years to market and promote my business on multiple fronts. He provides blogging and social media services which I have found invaluable."

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Career Highlights

  • Starting and hosting The Content Champion Podcast
  • Taking part as a guest in the world's longest ever podcast
  • Starting a niche site that made over £100k in sales in just 16 months
  • Publishing a historical novel about the Peasants' Revolt
  • Writing 200 web pages as part of HMRC's 'Better Guidance Project'
  • Writing over 200 product descriptions for Harrods merchandise
  • Writing over 150 product descriptions for B&Q lighting ranges
  • Writing over 100 pages of the official Visit Portugal website
  • Writing over 100 pages of SEO content for British Airways
  • Interviewing Linford Christie, Denise Lewis & Lord Coe on the radio
  • Writing a magazine advertisement for Jose Mourinho
  • Writing and directing a short film that was sold to HBO Europe
  • Writing articles for Arsenal FC's official Emirates Stadium magazine 
  • Presenting multiple live outside broadcasts for BBC local radio
ProCopywriters Member
Best Podcasts

Naheed Mir


"When we started working with Loz I was seriously considering closing down my business, as we just weren’t getting enough traffic and making enough sales.

However, after Loz rebranded and relaunched our Shopify ecommerce store, then spent 9 months working on our on-page SEO and link building - our organic traffic grew by 178% year-on-year to nearly 40,000 visitors a month, and our online sales grew by 71% year-on-year.

Whilst also providing help on conversion optimisation, email marketing and content marketing, plus assistance launching our podcast - Loz has been a pleasure to work with, and have proved instrumental in building a great foundation to take my ecommerce business forward in future."


Horiany Contreras 

Instituto De Comercio Digital

"Loz James is the kind of professional that always surprises you, and he constantly delivers more than you expect. His vision about digital business and content strategy can be a genuine eye opener, and his marketing advice provides a real light in the road. Hats off to Loz, he is definitely the unbeaten Content Champion!"

Academic Background

  • BA Hons English (2:1) - The University of Birmingham
  • PG Dip in Broadcast Journalism (NCTJ) - Birmingham City University
  • MA Screenwriting (Screen Academy Scotland) - Edinburgh Napier
  • Completed the SEO That Works course by Brian Dean
  • Completed The Gotch SEO Academy training by Nathan Gotch
  • Completed The SEO Playbook course by Robbie Richards

Oli Brown

Brown and Brown

"Loz’s copy is of a consistently high standard and he works hard to satisfy the requirements of any brief. With a positive and flexible approach to all projects he is professional to work with and provides an excellent service."