CC 080: How To Create Videos With Confidence With Lindsey Hazel

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Welcome to the Content Champion Podcast, in this episode we’re considering how to create video content with confidence for your online business, with video marketing expert Lindsey Hazel of

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Show Notes

  • ​Discover how Lindsey got into video marketing
  • ​How you should start where your comfortable with your videos
  • ​Why we shouldn’t overthink making marketing videos
  • ​Always speak like you’re speaking to just one person
  • ​Why self belief when making videos is crucial
  • ​How practice creates confidence in video making
  • ​Learn what video creation tools we need to succeed
  • ​Lindsey’s YouTube publishing primer
  • Where we can find Lindsey online
  • The PS Question – ​Lindsey shares ​a great video marketing tip you won’t want to miss!

Resources Mentioned

Hazel Haven

Lindsey’s Post On Video Confidence

Lindsey’s YouTube Channel

Action Taker Haven

Smart Podcast Player (Promotion)

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