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"My client is getting 4-6 extra sales a month thanks to you..."

"My client is very happy to be getting highly targeted traffic. Almost all the phone calls he receives are from people who are on the market for his service, and he is already getting 4-6 extra sales a month thanks to you. He says very few of the calls generated by the previous "SEO" company were actually interested in buying, and just wasted a lot of his time. So thanks again Loz for the great work, I'm happy that I can finally offer real SEO value to my clients."

Jozsef SEO services

Jozsef Juhasz, Focus Web Solutions

"Organic traffic up 178% year-on-year..."

"When we started working with Loz and his team I was seriously considering closing down my business, as we just weren’t getting enough traffic and making enough sales.

However, after Loz rebranded and relaunched our Shopify ecommerce store, then spent 9 months working on our on-page SEO and link building - our organic traffic grew by 178% year-on-year to nearly 40,000 visitors a month, and our online sales grew by 71% year-on-year.

Whilst also providing help on conversion optimisation, email marketing and content marketing, plus assistance launching our podcast - Loz and his team have been a pleasure to work with, and have proved instrumental in building a great foundation to take my ecommerce business forward in future."

Naheed Mir

Naheed Mir, RugKnots

"Boost traffic and get more business to your website..."

"If you're having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, Loz and his team at Content Champion are a great company to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website. They helped my company fix a major website glitch and bring traffic back to my site. Their work is transparent and their communication is great. They are an honest enjoyable SEO partner to work with."

If you are having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, Loz and his team at Content Champion are a great company to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website. They helped my company fix a major website glitch and bring traffic back to my site. Their work is transparent and their communication is great. They are an honest enjoyable SEO partner to work with.
SEO Services Doug Hopeman

Doug Hopeman, Artificial Plants and Trees

"Social media guidance and advice which I have found invaluable..."

"I have been working with Loz James for 6 years after he was recommended to me by my website designer. Initially I was pretty sceptical about the power of social media marketing, as I had generated a certain amount of success with the power of word of mouth.
My initial conversations with Loz were probing him to ascertain if this was something that I or we as a business needed to do. We started the journey with Loz walking us through a programme of blogs, topical subjects and stimulating thoughts with some great pictures shared on our social channels.
After a year, what I noticed was a physical growth in the business and new people coming through our door from seeing or reading some of our marketing material. However, consistent with most “none believers” I stopped the social media marketing programme to test if this change was due to our natural growth or the social media work itself.
Six months passed and I started to notice a stark reduction in new business and a less active phone! The proof was there right in front my eyes…I was converted!!
I now work closely, and have done for the last 6 years, with Loz and his team at Content Champion to market and promote my business on multiple fronts. They offer me social media guidance and advice which I have found invaluable.
I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about social media for their business that you work out a budget, then discuss your options with Loz and set out a plan. You do need to plan because this is not a quick fix to turn your business into a global empire - but for sure it is a slow burner in the right direction."

Roger Cleary

Roger Cleary, Liberty Physio & Rehab

"Proven SEO & content marketing expertise..."

"I have worked with Loz and his team for ten years and in that time he has always provided me and my clients with high quality content that has been well researched and written. He’s straightforward to deal with and also backs up his content marketing experience with proven SEO and email marketing expertise.'

Simon Parkinson

Simon Parkinson, Visible Marketing

"Always meets deadlines on client projects..."

"Over the last decade working with Loz he has been professional, easy to get on with and has always met our deadlines on client projects. I recommend his services.”


Jason Brown, Greenlight Creative

"Website is our main source of enquiries again..."

'We asked Loz to rebuild our website after we had been hit by a Google penalty when someone hacked our previous WordPress install. Loz and his team worked to clear the penalty, restructure the site for optimal on-page SEO and create an attractive new website for our busy clinics. The site now ranks well in local search and is the main source of our patient enquiries again."

Dr Mir

Dr. Sarim. R. Mir, Mir Neurology

"A pleasure working with you..."

'Thank you for your time and effort supporting Travelsoon's SEO work over the years, it’s been a pleasure working with you.'

Thank you for your time and effort supporting Travelsoon's SEO work over the years, it’s been a pleasure working with you

Luke Nathan, Travelsoon

"Excellent copy, to budget & to deadline..."

'I’ve known Loz James on a professional basis for the last fifteen years. I’d like to recommend him highly as a feature writer and copywriter. In all the work I’ve commissioned from him, he has delivered excellent copy, to budget and to deadline, and with the utmost respect to our clients.'

Thank you for your time and effort supporting Travelsoon's SEO work over the years, it’s been a pleasure working with you

Dom Bliss, Freelance Editor

"Detailed professional SEO & content advice..."

"Loz consulted on the content and on-page SEO for our website and gave us far more than expected, delivering a detailed professional report covering content quality and emotive writing, headline structure, image and sub-header placement (in articles and blog posts) - plus advice on implementing on-page SEO and a call to action strategy across the whole website.'


Michael Kirk, Founder, SmartSprout.co.uk

"Reliable, creative & resourceful..."

"Loz has provided a consistently reliable, creative and resourceful copywriting service. I work with lots of writers creating content for our clients, and Loz is one of those I can count on most. He accepts all creative challenges with a positive attitude, is pleasant to work with - and hands me polished, well-researched copy every time."

Steve Jones

Steve Jones, Franchise Marketing Specialist

"Understands how each business needs to grow..."

"I’ve been a loyal listener to the Content Champion podcast for some time. It's arguably the best source for content marketing tips. So when show host Loz James began offering one-on-one coaching sessions to listeners I instantly signed up. I wasn't disappointed. Loz understands not just the general marketing landscape but how each individual blogger & business needs to grow. He's clearly up to speed on the latest news and tips. He also understood the nuances of my particular niche, something other social media gurus have failed to grasp."

Christian Toto

Christian Toto, Hollywood In Toto

"Invaluable experience, quick to respond..."

"Loz and his team helped me setup my website from the beginning. His patience and experience have been invaluable to me. He has been very quick to respond to my queries and has been clear and concise with his advice, which has been reassuring when I have come to stumbling blocks. For knowledge and support on content marketing and SEO, Loz is second to none."

jo baly

Jo Baly, Fabric Picture Illustrator

"Given me the attention my business deserved..."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciated working with Loz James and his team. In charge of my own business, it was such a relief to have a guiding hand to focus me onto what is needed for a successful online presence and enhanced ’searchablility'.

He offered me true insight into my own presentation and gave me the tools, terminology and confidence to actually make amazing headway. No question, his advice and consultation was and is invaluable for my business.

Loz has given me the attention my business deserved and helped me to understand my own online communication strategy. Thank you so very much! I'm already reaping the results. I highly recommend Loz and his SEO services."

Chloe T

Chloe Tinsley, Artist

"Met all deadlines with high quality copy..."

"Loz has been working for the last three years as part of a nine strong team of copywriters on the Inland Revenue’s Better Guidance Programme (BGP). Since the start of the BGP I have found Loz easy to work with. He has met all the deadlines set during this evolving brief and his copy is of a high quality.

We have required our copywriters to take work and with minimal intervention produce copy that meets the BGP’s stated objectives. Working as part of a team has been essential and, again, Loz has shown his abilities in that area. He has also contributed fully to the development of our processes for the BGP and has shown his wish to help the BGP achieve its aims.”


Kevin Walsh, HM Revenue & Customs

"Great value professional SEO copy..."

"Loz James and his team consistently met our tight deadlines and provided great value professional SEO copy for our variety of products and services. Always accommodating and friendly, he has been a pleasure to work with."

Sally Hackman, Mighty Deals

"Professional and personable..."

"We enjoyed working with Loz as he is both professional and personable. Although we’re aware we gave very basic briefings, the way he helped us to structure our thoughts and the consequent results were such that we are very pleased with the articles Loz produced, and would have no concerns about recommending him to others.”


Rachel Letby, Crail Consulting

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