CC 012: $15,000 In 1 Day: Super Affiliate SEO With Jacob King

Jacob King


OK folks, it’s time for edition 12 of The Content Champion Podcast. In this show, I’m delighted to introduce professional SEO and super affiliate Jacob King.

Jacob’s advanced SEO skills and irreverent humour made for a dynamite session of the podcast, and he was very generous in sharing a truck load of fantastic strategies with us.

Jacob KingJacob once made $15,000 in one day from affiliate commissions, so I for one was taking notes as we chatted 🙂 In this enlightening 50 minute episode we cover:

  • What’s working right now for ranking affiliate sites
  • The authority affiliate site model
  • The ‘parasite’ affiliate site model
  • Coupon and free shipping affiliate marketing
  • How to do keyword research for coupon/affiliate sites
  • Why branding and quality content are crucial for your success
  • Reverse engineering the SERPS (and covering your tracks)
  • The different types of site in Jacob’s portfolio
  • How the search engines flag your site as being ‘thin’ and low quality
  • How to control a whole niche with affiliate SEO
  • On-page SEO for affiliate websites
  • The best ad placement positions
  • Tiered link building for affiliate sites
  • Expired domain link building
  • Ideal money keyword anchor percentages
  • The cost of starting out as an affiliate
  • The best software tools for affiliate SEO
  • Social media links for affiliate sites
  • Future trends in SEO

Plus! The PS Question! Jacob shares two advanced SEO strategies that you just won’t want to miss!

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