CC 070: Introducing The SEO Essentials Series

​In this 'housekeeping' episode of The Content Champion Podcast, I set the scene for our new series of shows called 'SEO Essentials', where we discuss the prerequisite on-page SEO steps you ​must take to maximise your long term success with both SEO and content marketing.

​So if you're considering outsourcing your SEO or embarking upon a major in-house SEO drive, these shows should prove invaluable in helping you get your on-page 'ducks in a row', before wasting any time and/or money on SEO that's ​destined to just never ​work properly.

onpage seo essentials

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Show Notes

  • Why we're wrapping up the expert interviews (for now)
  • The latest news on the Authority Content Experiment (ACE)
  • How we started an ecommerce site that grossed £10k in 2 months
  • An introduction to the 'SEO Essentials' series of podcasts
  • Various other 'housekeeping items' on where the show is headed

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  1. tradeJinni

    Really great podcast, keep up the good work and keep inspiring us…

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