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The #1 mistake most ​​independent online business owners ​make is trying to do everything themselves and not getting a mentor to guide them.

I should know, I made the same mistake when I started out too.

When you want to launch or grow your online business, you need to quickly find the right answers to your ​SEO and content marketing questions, so you don’t waste time and resources doing things you don’t need to.

You also need to follow a clear strategy and be held accountable for your workflow - so you can make the progress you desire.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve worked with countless corporations and ​independent business owners on their SEO, content marketing​ and digital marketing projects - both at a strategic level and creating content ‘at the coal face’.

In that time I’ve successfully run my own online businesses, attracting over 90% of my clients online and reaching six figures annually with my first SEO firm - so I know what works and what doesn’t.

I also started an online store that ​​grossed over £​10,000 ($1​4,000) in its first ​two months and continues to grow - so I know what moves the needle with ecommerce sites too.

"​​​Understands how each business needs to grow..."

"​I’ve been a loyal listener to the Content Champion podcast for some time. It's arguably the best source for content marketing tips. So when show host Loz James began offering one-on-one coaching sessions to listeners I instantly signed up. I wasn't disappointed. Loz understands not just the general marketing landscape but how each individual blogger & business needs to grow. He's clearly up to speed on the latest news and tips. He also understood the nuances of my particular niche, something other social media gurus have failed to grasp."

Christian Toto

Christian Toto, Hollywood In Toto

Get 'Unstuck' In The Following Areas...

I can help you move forward with the following aspects of ​SEO and content marketing, freeing-up log jams with actionable strategies and holding you accountable for your own success...

  • SEO & ecommerce SEO that works
  • Writing engaging content that drives more traffic
  • Setting up and building your email list
  • Choosing the right tools for various tasks
  • Starting a podcast to build trust and brand authority
  • Professional conversion copywriting tactics
  • Avoiding common online marketing mistakes
  • Getting started with social media marketing
  • Essential email marketing strategies
  • Content marketing and editorial strategy
  • Accountability partnering to achieve existing goals

"​​Organic traffic ​up 178% year-on-year..."

"​When we started working with Loz and his team I was seriously considering closing down my business, as we just weren’t getting enough traffic and making enough sales.

However, after Loz rebranded and relaunched our Shopify ecommerce store, then spent 9 months working on our on-page SEO and link building - our organic traffic grew by 178% year-on-year to nearly 40,000 visitors a month, and our online sales grew by 71% year-on-year.

Whilst also providing help on conversion optimisation, email marketing and content marketing, plus assistance launching our podcast - Loz and his team have been a pleasure to work with, and have proved instrumental in building a great foundation to take my ecommerce business forward in future."

Naheed Mir

Naheed Mir, RugKnots

​Who This Coaching Is Designed For

​If you're just starting out with a new ​authority site or Amazon store, our blog and podcast will help you most. This professional coaching is designed for ​​ambitious independent online business owners and ecommerce store operators who want to grow their revenue to the next level with their existing team. 

If you'​​ve got the budget ​to invest in proven 'done for you' SEO services, and are laser-focused on your business strategies and goals already - then our Monthly SEO Service would be the right choice for you.

"​​Proven SEO & content marketing expertise..."

"​​I have worked with Loz and his team for ten years and in that time he has always provided me and my clients with high quality content that has been well researched and written. He’s straightforward to deal with and also backs up his content marketing experience with proven SEO and email marketing expertise.'

Simon Parkinson

Simon Parkinson, Visible Marketing

Brands I've Worked With

Over the years I've worked with a host of companies and agencies across a variety of sectors...

  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • B&Q
  • British Airways
  • Visit Portugal
  • Kleinwort Benson
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Prudential (PruPIM)
  • Harrods
  • Ronhill Sportswear
  • Mountain Equipment
  • National Theatre of Scotland
  • Travelsoon
  • Arsenal FC
  • Manchester Arndale
  • ​RugKnots

"​Detailed professional SEO & content advice​..."

"​​​​Loz consulted on the content and on-page SEO for our website and gave us far more than expected, delivering a detailed professional report covering content quality and emotive writing, headline structure, image and sub-header placement (in articles and blog posts) - plus advice on implementing on-page SEO and a call to action strategy across the whole website.'

Michael Kirk, Founder, SmartSprout.co.uk

Let's Get Started...

If you’re ready to invest in your ​SEO and content marketing and take your online business to the next level, I’m standing by to help you get 'unstuck' and move forward. 

Due to the personal approach I take with all my coaching, I can only work with a select group of just ​5 clients per month - so act now to secure your place.

I have a couple of different coaching packages to choose from, so here are the details on each one...

Content Contender Coaching Package

​£​​​500 per month (​​4 month minimum)

  • Includes 1 x 50-minute Skype coaching call once a month (one-on-one)

In each call we'll consider what you're stuck on and what's stopping you from moving forward - then we'll devise the best way of taking action to start achieving this goal. At the end of every session we'll schedule three home work items to work on before the next call.

  • Weekly check-ins

Once a week every week I’ll check in with you by email to see how you’re getting on with the agreed home work items - and find out if you’re experiencing any new roadblocks to success.

  • Reasonable email access

Only my exclusive coaching clients and high end consulting customers have direct email access to me, and I will answer up to 3 emails per week within 3-5 working days.

  • ​Audio recording of Skype call

Every Skype ​coaching session will be recorded and made available as an audio file for you to review at your leisure.

Content Champion Coaching Package

​£​800 per month (​​4 month minimum)

  • Includes 2 x 50-minute Skype coaching calls ​every month (one-on-one)

Twice a month we’ll look in detail at what issues are holding you back, and formulate an advanced strategy so you can move forward and achieve your aims. At the end of each call we’ll set those 3 home work items to work on before the next session.

  • Weekly check-ins

Every week I’ll check in with you to discover how you’re progressing with the set tasks, and find out if any new issues have arisen since the last coaching call.

  • Reasonable email access

Exclusive access to me via email is only available to my private coaching clients. You can email me 3 times a week and I’ll always answer within 3-5 working days.

  • ​Audio recording of Skype call

Every Skype ​coaching session will be recorded and made available as an audio file for you to review at your leisure.

Plus - every ​coaching client on the Content Champion package will also have their business featured in a special edition of The Content Champion Podcast.

Important Disclaimer

As part of this coaching programme I'm going to ask you to do some hard work. I frequently work 12 hour days in my own business so if you welcome this kind of challenge then we’ll be a great match.

However, if you’re looking for the next ‘get rich quick scheme’ or have no time or resources to invest in growing your online business, then we will not be able to work together.

In this context, these packages are NOT for everyone. If your first response is “I could never afford that!” - then you are not ready.

However, if you're ready to take your online business forward with professional ​SEO and content marketing coaching, please apply for one of the available spaces on the programme today.

Best wishes

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Loz James (BA Hons, PG Dip, MA)
Founder, Content Champion