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CCC 007: How To Scale Content Creation, How To Make Money Podcasting [& More]

How to do to lots of things in content marketing

Following a rather long after-dinner nap it's time for the 7th instalment of Content Champion Curated, our regular gossip over the garden fence of content marketing. Nice.

For this collection of essential links and resources, we've dug deep to find some real belters that will help you grow your online business - whatever niche you're in.

So you'll find our latest podcasts on scaling content creation and making money from your own podcast - plus posts on gaining more backlinks and a whole lot more.

Let's dive in...

How To Make Money Podcasting

How To Make Money Podcasting With Yaro Starak

Image credit: This site

I interviewed one of my all time favourite online marketers on the podcast a few weeks ago - none other than Yaro Starak of the brilliant Entrepreneurs Journey.

You can't really tell in the audio of the podcast, but I got a bit star struck when we first started talking - and I couldn't really get my words out properly. However, I soon recovered to record an excellent show (if I don't mind saying so myself).

If you publish a podcast - or are thinking of starting one - this episode will help you monetize your show in some proven and creative ways..

How To Scale Content Creation

How To Scale Content CReation

Image credit: This site

Dom Wells is one of those completely engaging online entrepreneurs who seems to spring up from nowhere to quickly become very successful. His Human Proof Designs blog is therefore required reading in the Content Champion office.

Already running a huge team of 200 writers and editors to create content for his own niche sites and client projects - Dom has rapidly become the 'go-to' expert on creating quality content at scale.

I recently interviewed this entrepreneurial fellow Brit on the podcast, and the results made for some fascinating listening...

How To Get More Backlinks

How to get more backlinks

Image credit: Blog Tyrant

If you're new to the world of SEO and backlinking, then this article from the ever-excellent Blog Tyrant will help you understand their importance and give you some excellent advice on how to get some good ones.

It's fair to say if you're not building powerful, white hat links to your website then it's not going to gain the traction you were hoping for in organic search - so this piece will definitely point you in the right direction.

Backlinks are still essential to your online success, so it really does pay to learn all you can about them from authoritative sources like this...

One Site To Rule Them All?

Niche sites

Image credit: Pixabay

We'll end our hat-trick of 'how-to's' with a great piece from Doug Cunnington's site - where he asks 13 niche site experts the question: what's better, 10 sites or 1?

Personally, I used to run six affiliate sites - but I've now got one ecommerce store and two content based sites - so I'm kind of verging on following the authority site model and may just focus everything on the estore soon.

Click the link below to find out how Doug's experts see it...

Best Blogger & Influencer Outreach Tools of 2017

best blogger outreach tools

Image credit: Authority Hacker

This is another great piece from Lewis Parrott at Authority Hacker, in which he breaks down the best influencer outreach tools in amazing detail.

These in-depth posts are what the Authority Hacker team are renowned for - and they quite simply do them bigger and better than anyone else. The level of research that has gone into this post is insane.

So get yourself a cuppa and prepare to become seriously well informed - their conclusions may surprise you...

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

Periodic Table of SEO

Image credit: Search Engine Land

Writing in the ever-engaging Search Engine Land, SEO legend Danny Sullivan gives us a heads-up about the newly updated edition of the Periodic Table of SEO.

This ingenious chart - that no doubt Dmitri Mendeleev himself would be proud of - documents the constantly changing face of the factors that impact your success with SEO.

The new 2017 release puts more weight on mobile optimisation - so you'd better get that 100% responsive version of your site up and running soon...

5 Content Marketing Research Hacks

I'm really liking these online marketing videos from Miles Beckler - and this one on finding ideas for content creation is particularly useful.

Miles has a great presenting style and gets right to the point whilst avoiding any unnecessary fluff and filler. This means you'll find some real value in this video, with easy to follow tips you can action right away.

In particular, the 'site: parameters' Google search is a great tactic that I'll definitely be using in future. See what you think...

Until Next Time...

That's it for now, I hope you liked this collection of content marketing and SEO goodness.

We're already collecting resources for the next edition, so check back soon for more tips, tricks and techniques to grow your business using content and search.

If you have any ideas for items we should include, just let me know in the comments below.

Until then - be good to one another...​

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