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CC 056: Pattern Interrupts In Content Marketing With Rob Cornish

My guest on episode 56 of the Content Champion Podcast is experienced online marketer Rob Cornish of Gain Higher Ground. A prolific entrepreneur and product creator, Rob has authored an excellent new report that outlines how we can use powerful psychological triggers called 'pattern interrupts' in our content marketing.

Pattern Interrupts

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Rob's Backstory

After spending a decade working in the financial services industry in London, Rob was attracted by the personal and financial freedom of running his own online business, so he started experimenting with Internet Marketing business models.

Rob Cornish

With literally no knowledge of online marketing to fall back on, Rob embarked upon an intensive process of self-education to get up to speed on what works and what doesn't - documenting all this on his new blog 'Gain Higher Ground'. In 2010 after much hard work, he then decided to go full-time with his fledgling Internet based enterprise.

Cut to six years later and Rob has created ten information and software products, and his blog and membership site are amongst some of the most popular in the online marketing niche. Rob's clients and blog audience not only love his straightforward approach to Internet Marketing, but also frequently describe him as 'one of the good guys' who genuinely wants to help people.

Rob's latest product, a fascinating PDF report and bonus material called 'Interrupt2Profit', introduces us to the idea of pattern interrupts - what they are and how we can use them to cut through the online noise and attract more traffic, leads and sales. And it's this intriguing concept that we're discussing in today's show.

VW Lemon Ad

The VW 'Lemon' ad Rob references in the show.

[Podcast] Pattern Interrupts In #ContentMarketing With Rob Cornish

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Show Notes

In this value-packed 30-minute show we discuss :

  • Rob's Internet Marketing backstory
  • The problem facing all content marketers and how to solve it
  • An introduction to the concept of pattern interrupts and what they are
  • How pattern interrupts can help us as content marketers
  • Examples of pattern interrupts to illustrate their power
  • How we can use these techniques in various different media and content 
  • Mistakes to avoid when using pattern interrupts
  • Where we can find Rob's excellent blog and report online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Rob shares an innovative content repurposing tactic you won't want to miss!

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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