CC 016: Part Time Online Marketing: Building An Internet Business In Your Spare Time With John Banks

Hello again, it's time for episode 16 of the Content Champion podcast. On the show this time I'm speaking with part time online business builder and freelance marketing expert John Banks.

John Banks Freelance Marketing

With two successful products to his name already, John maintains a vibrant blog and also contributes articles to an online marketing community – all in his spare time after working his day job as an electrical engineer and looking after his family.

BizzebeeI really respect what John is doing to build an online business legacy that will benefit his children – and after his great support of this podcast on social media – was delighted to be able to gain some insights into his part time Internet Marketing business.

John has only been doing all this for just over a year, and in that time he's learnt by experience what works for him and what doesn't – and in this podcast he generously shares that expertise with us.

In our 45 minute chat, we discussed a load of topics – including:

  • How John manages his time between his day job and his online business
  • Where he gets the ideas for his products and how he structures them
  • The importance of focus and not being distracted by ‘the next best thing'
  • How he creates sales letters and other content for his marketing channels
  • Why recruiting affiliates is key to success in selling your products
  • Where content marketing fits into his promotional strategy
  • How John uses video to make and market his information products
  • How he finds the time to write for two separate blogs
  • What social media channels John is active on and why
  • What trends he sees developing in online marketing over the coming year

Plus! The PS Question! John lets us in on a great advanced strategy that will help you drive more traffic!

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  1. mark

    Hi Loz,

    I don’t feel you can get more real than listening to John Banks!.

    Your interview with John is grounded in reality, I love that!. Theres no hype and he talks about several thousand dollars earned rather than some very large number that most people cannot relate to.

    I really appreciate John talking about where he ‘found the ‘real’ value in creating those first few products. I call it “Getting Paid Twice” and its clear to me that John found greater value in the experience he earned.

    Thanks again for putting this resource together…. Mark

    • Loz James

      Thanks Mark

      I appreciate your support and am really pleased you liked this podcast.

      John was really honest in our interview and shared a lot of great insights.

      Best wishes with your own business 🙂



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