CC 082: How To Make Money With Interviews With Pat Walls

how to make money with interviews with pat walls

Welcome to the Content Champion Podcast, in this episode I’m talking with Pat Walls, the entrepreneur behind Starter Story, the highly successful blog that interviews top business owners on how they started and grew their companies.

The secret to Pat’s own success is publishing and monetising a high volume of interviews – that other people write – all underpinned by a system that puts the whole thing on rails.

As a former journalist I’m fascinated by this ‘reporter model’, so I can’t wait to dive in…

Listen To Pat’s Show On The Reporter Model

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Show Notes

  • ​Discover Pat’s own backstory
  • The lowdown on Starter Story & how Pat monetises his interviews
  • ​Pat’s interview workflow process explained
  • Introducing Pigeon, the software Pat developed to automate his workflow with Gmail
  • More detail on how Pigeon works and what you can achieve with it
  • The roadmap for Pigeon’s feature development
  • Where we can find Pat online (and information on signing up for Pigeon)
  • The PS Question – ​Pat shares ​a great interview marketing tactic you can use right after the show!

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