CC 024: 4 Million Yearly Page Views: Talking Traffic With Jeff Bullas

​I'm very pleased to announce that Jeff Bullas is my guest on the 24th session of the Content Champion podcast.

Jeff is a highly accomplished blogger, speaker, author and social media strategist, and has recently been ranked at number eight on the Forbes list entitled “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent”.

Jeff Bullas website traffic

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Amongst many other accolades, he's been published by the New York Times and the Huffington Post, and is in the top fifty most retweeted people on Twitter.

I'm a regular visitor to Jeff's blog, and am always sharing his posts and insights on social media.

His engaging writing style and the quality of his content means his blog gets over 4 million annual page views, so it's great that he's agreed to share his knowledge of traffic generation with us.

For nearly half an hour, Jeff generously outlined all the ways he drives traffic to his blog – all of which you can use to increase visitor numbers to your own online business.

This is what we discussed:

  • Jeff's history in marketing
  • The growth of his site
  • What traffic strategy Jeff would start with to kick off the whole process
  • What part social media has to play in our traffic generation efforts
  • Jeff's tips on high quality content creation and its impact on SEO
  • The role of paid traffic in our overall marketing mix
  • Why building a list is essential to your online success
  • How to convert website and blog visitors into buyers
  • Using analytics to measure your success
  • Jeff's view on what will happen in the content marketing space over the next year

Plus! The PS Question! Jeff gives some surprising advice on a strategy you can start using today!

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​Podcast Transcript

Jeff Bullas increase your website traffic

This article has 4 comments

  1. Charlie Cooper

    A very informative podcast which has inspired me to further develop my content and start my own blog. Thank you!

    • Loz James

      Thanks for your kind words Charlie, I’m glad this podcast has inspired you!

      Jeff’s a great bloke and the traffic strategies he shares here are superb.

      Thanks for listening 🙂



  2. Adam

    I’ll disagree with Jeff that more people will be inclined to do paid Facebook ads. Most small and medium sized business I’ve talked to are extremely frustrated with FB.

    Have you seen Derek Muller’s Facebook Fraud video?

    • Loz James

      Hi Adam

      Thanks for dropping by.

      I take your point about Facebook and that many businesses find it frustrating, but I think Jeff’s point is that it’s still an important part of the marketing mix – for now.

      I guess we need to use as many traffic sources as possible, blogging, outreach, social media, video, podcasting – and paid traffic.

      Facebook is becoming more and more of a paid platform – which will of course have a shelf life for most small businesses as the prices hike when more people get on board (let alone taking into account any potential click fraud etc).



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