CC 043: Show & Sell: How To Make Money Blogging With Zac Johnson

How to make money blogging

Learn how to really make money from your blog with Zac Johnson

In-between recording audio for my new content marketing course, I've managed to put together an excellent new episode of the Content Champion podcast – and it's an entertaining show with Zac Johnson on how to make good money blogging in 2015.

We're learning from the master here folks, because Zac has been making real money online for over 18 years, and has been a successful affiliate blogger and product creator since 1997.

Founder of multiple businesses including, and – Zac also runs the highly popular podcast ‘Rise of The Entreprenuer'.

Most Bloggers Make Zip, Nadda, Zilch

It's a sad truth that most people don't make much or indeed anything from their blog – whether they're blogging for a business or blogging as a business.

So given his experience, Zac's advice on monetization is really worth listening to and his proven techniques will definitely help you see the wood for the trees in terms of what's currently working.

Zac's a lucid speaker and imparts killer strategic and tactical know-how for nearly half an hour during the course of this call – and he was very generous with his time in sharing such priceless information. So get yourself a coffee and make sure you get comfortable – as this one's not to be missed.

We covered the following subjects in this fascinating episode:

  • Zac's backstory and how he got started in online marketing
  • Why most people don't make any money blogging and what they're doing wrong
  • An overview of the best montetization models that are currently working
  • The affiliate blogging model or the blog product funnel model – which one Zac would go with and why
  • The importance of creating and promoting epic content if you want to successfully monetize your blog
  • How different types of blog posts and content achieve different things
  • Which traffic tactics are working best for Zac in driving targeted visitors to his sites
  • Why your email list is essential to most blog monetization models – and how to run one
  • Where we can find Zac online and connect with his work

Plus! The PS Question! Zac shares some great advice here that's worth the price of admission alone!

Zac Johnson

Online entrepreneur Zac Johnson

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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  1. bbrian017

    I have watched Zac work online for years now, as we have worked together for about 3 on Blog Engage. He has had such great success and I hope it keeps growing for him. Anyone who works that hard deserves to be a success.

    • Loz James

      Hey Brian

      Thanks for your comment – I didn’t know you guys worked together.

      Zac comes across as a really good bloke, and the advice he shares here is superb 🙂



  2. Gurpreet

    I am following Zac’s blog from a long time.His posts always helped me to solve all my problems regarding blogging.
    So informative Podcast thanks for sharing with us.

    • Loz James

      Thanks Gurpreet

      I’m so glad you liked the show – Zac’s experience really shines through in this episode 🙂

      Best wishes


  3. Sanjay Sajeev

    Its first time i hear about Zac. I hope his advice will help me to achieve greater heights in my blogging career. Thank you for sharing this content with me.

    • Loz James

      Hi Sanjay

      It’s great I’ve helped you discover Zac – I hope this podcast helps you 🙂

      Thanks for joining the conversation.



  4. Tom Miller

    I like the podcast, very informative and helpful content. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  5. Carlo Fotocopiatrici

    Thanks for a very interesting blog. I found the podcast very helpful.
    Starting from now I’m going to follow it carefully.

    Greetings from Italy

    • Loz James

      Welcome from the UK Carlo

      Thanks for your kind words – I’m so glad you enjoyed this podcast.

      Have a listen to some of the other episodes, there’s a load of value here 🙂



  6. Thyrone Charles

    Hi Loz,
    First of all thanks for this great post..
    This is the first time I heard about Zac and it’s interesting.
    Here after I’m going to follow his advice and it will boost my blogging knowledge for sure.

    • Loz James

      Hey Thyrone

      Thanks for your support – I’m glad you liked this episode.

      You’re the second person I’ve helped introduce to Zac so I’m pretty pumped about that 🙂

      He really knows his stuff so it’s great you’ve found some value here.



  7. Daniel Daines-Hutt

    Hey Loz,

    Yet another great podcast! Always great to hear how others how grown and monetised their business for inspiration.

    I’ve heard of Zac before but never had the time to stop and listen to his story…and then had to go over and sign up for his blog!

    Looking forward to the new project!


  8. Bilal Tahir khan

    Hey Loz,
    Zac is really a pro master at blogging, and I’ve learned a lot of things from him.
    Nice post thanks for sharing, keep up it.

    • Loz James

      Hi Bilal

      Zac was great on this show and shared a lot of valuable insights.

      Thanks for joining us 🙂



  9. rai

    Great podcast, thanks for sharing.

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