CC 059: 1,178 Emails in 10 Days: Email List Building Using Giveaways With Robbie Richards

If you want to learn how to add 1,000's of subscribers to your email list using easy to setup giveaways, then stay tuned, because my guest Robbie Richards has done just that and shares his exact strategy in this edition of The Content Champion Podcast. Robbie is an expert digital marketer and professional SEO - renowned for the in-depth case studies he publishes on his industry leading blog - so this is one show you don't want to miss.

From sourcing the right prize for your target audience, to quickly setting up and promoting your giveaway, Robbie provides a step-by-step analysis of how to make this technique a success - whilst avoiding many of the common problems you can experience when putting together your first giveaway campaign. Let's dive in...

How to build your email list with giveaways

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Robbie's Backstory

Robbie was born and lived in Australia until he was 18, when he moved to the US - having won a golf scholarship to study at Boise State University. Graduating in 2011, Robbie then began a local internship with a large advertising firm that had offices all over the country. It was there he cut his teeth in the online marketing industry.

Robbie Richards list building with giveaways

Growing his experience over the next few years, Robbie then went on to head up the marketing team at Boise-based SEO agency, Royal Jay, working on multiple client accounts. It was in 2014 that Robbie also started his personal blog - sharing his online marketing and SEO knowledge with a highly engaged audience.

Robbie's blog has continued to grow rapidly since then, and has successfully positioned him as one of the Web's go-to authorities on digital strategy, content marketing and all aspects of SEO.

In this show, based on one of his in-depth case studies, Robbie tells us why we should be running giveaways to build our email lists, how he got 1,178 subscribers in 10 days - and also shares the precise steps of how we can replicate his results.

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Show Notes

In this in-depth 40-minute show we discuss :

  • Robbie's backstory and career history
  • The business benefits of using giveaways
  • Examples of list building success using this technique
  • How to choose a great prize for your giveaway
  • The best way to approach companies for free prizes
  • Essential tech solutions for setting it all up
  • Robbie's 11-step giveaway promotion checklist
  • Other ways you can get the word out about your giveaway
  • How to monetize your giveaway whilst also collecting emails
  • How having the right technology is becoming strategically essential
  • Where we can find Robbie's resources online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Robbie shares two great promotional tactics you can start using right now!

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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