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If your online business or ecommerce store is still not getting the levels of organic traffic and sales your hard work deserves – our specialist SEO and content marketing service can definitely help. Serving clients across the UK, we work to a proven system and can provide an affordable SEO service to boost your organic traffic, leads and sales.

At Content Champion, we understand that every business website and ecommerce store is unique, which is why our proven approach to auditing and optimizing your website, backlinks and on-page SEO is always tailored to meet the specific needs of your online business.

Jozsef SEO services

Jozsef Juhasz

Focus Web Solutions

My client is very happy to be getting highly targeted traffic. Almost all the phone calls he receives are from people who are on the market for his service, and he is already getting 4-6 extra sales a month thanks to you. He says very few of the calls generated by the previous "SEO" company were actually interested in buying, and just wasted a lot of his time. So thanks again Loz for the great work, I'm happy that I can finally offer real SEO value to my clients.

Tailor Made 'SEO By Hand'

custom seo services

Unlike inexperienced SEO’s there’s no ‘one size fits all’ packages here – but rather a time-intensive, hand-crafted methodology for technical SEO, on-page content optimization and high quality link acquisition - that will help you rise to the top of the organic search engine rankings for more buying keywords, and convert more of those targeted visitors into sales.

From the moment our specialist team of SEO experts start working on your site, we deploy enterprise level software systems to continually analyse and monitor your website for keyword rankings, site wide SEO issues and link profile health – while our experts begin manually auditing every key page of your site to maximize ranking potential for each page - one at a time.

Over the years, our extensive combined experience has shown us that only by performing such essential work by hand – can we get the exceptional SEO results that will continually grow your online business.

"​​Organic traffic ​up 178% year-on-year..."

"​When we started working with Loz and his team I was seriously considering closing down my business, as we just weren’t getting enough traffic and making enough sales.

However, after Loz rebranded and relaunched our Shopify ecommerce store, then spent 9 months working on our on-page SEO and link building - our organic traffic grew by 178% year-on-year to ​over 40,000 visitors a month, and our online sales grew by 71% year-on-year.

Whilst also providing help on conversion optimisation, email marketing and content marketing, plus assistance launching our podcast - Loz and his team have been a pleasure to work with, and have proved instrumental in building a great foundation to take my ecommerce business forward in future."

Naheed Mir

Naheed Mir, Owner, RugKnots

Our Proven SEO Process

1. Backlink Analysis & Ongoing Optimisation

​Firstly, as links are still so important to the ranking potential and health of your site, we start by conducting a thorough analysis of your backlink profile – going through each and every link to assess its authority, relevance and contextual quality.

If we find bad links that could harm your site, we’ll add these to your regularly updated link disavow file and submit this for you through your Webmaster console account.

This process is then on-going, as we continually monitor the health of your backlink profile and weed out any spam links that although now algorithmically ignored by Google and the other search engines, could nonetheless invite a manual penalty if accrued in enough numbers or with the levels of keyword saturation that raise red flags.

2. ​Monthly Onpage SEO & Content Auditing

Secondly, we perform a site wide technical audit of your on-page SEO and content – identifying problem areas that need to be worked on immediately and discovering content gaps that need to be addressed.

Based on professional keyword research, we then start to audit each and every page of your ecommerce site by hand, optimizing meta tags, URL structure, images and on-page content so the page can begin ranking for multiple instances of headline and long tail buying keywords.

This on-going auditing process also involves us putting together a workflow of action items that we will continue to work on from month to month – helping your site pick up momentum in the search engines as we manually craft each page of your site for better rankings and traffic.

We always begin with your key site landing pages and collection pages, and then work our way through your top selling products and perennial bestsellers so you continually increase targeted buyers and conversions.

Depending upon the size of your ecommerce store, this process can carry on for months and years - as you add and subtract inventory and your eStore becomes a finely tuned SEO machine over time.

3. Identifying SEO & Conversion Growth Areas

Thirdly, we also use our enterprise level software solutions and years of SEO expertise to identify potential growth areas on your site. The result of this work usually means adding new collections pages focused on profitable new keyword sets.

But dependent on your budget it can also result in the creation of informational content for top of funnel website visitors - such as authority ‘power posts’ for your blog, educational content for your online learning centre or customer case studies to build trust and authority; whilst still driving enhanced results in search.

As part of our continuing service, we also monitor your site with heatmap and visitor recording software to identify any conversion issues that can be resolved to increase sales. This may mean we recommend making coding or design changes to your site, which our developers can help with if you don’t have the in-house resources.

We can also setup call-tracking software if required, to monitor phone conversion from multiple sources – and can also assist you in maximizing your returns from the Google Shopping platform if your budget allows; an area our specialists excel in.

Lastly, if your business targets a specific local area or region, our team can optimise your site and Google My Business page to attract maximum buying traffic from targeted local visitors.

4. Authoritative, Relevant & Contextual Backlinks

Fourthly, we move onto another essential element in the SEO mix - high quality backlink building.

Using our large database of niche specific autonomous authority sites, professionally collated over several years using white hat link outreach techniques – our team gets to work creating top standard guest blog content to manually place your contextual links on trusted third part sites with high domain authority, low outbound links and relevant quality content.

Our proven approach means we never use exact match anchor text, profile links, article marketing, Web 2.0’s, private or public blog networks or other spammy link building techniques – and only secure genuine in-context links with quality self-sufficient sites that will enhance your search engine rankings.

In addition, our team is always updating our database of independent, third party sites using manual outreach techniques to continually seek out new high quality backlink opportunities across multiple niches. This process helps us to consistently build powerful and natural-looking guest post links, image links and infographic backlinks.

5. Transparent Reporting

Finally, at the end of each month you’ll receive an easy to understand report of the SEO audit items we’ve completed, the backlinks we’ve placed and the results of this work on your rankings, traffic and earnings.

When you work with our team you’ll also be assigned an account manager who you can contact by email at any time during the working week – and at the end of every month we schedule a Skype call together for an informal half hour chat about your monthly results and the work items to be completed in future.

"​​​Boost traffic and get more business to your website..."

"​​​If you're having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, Loz and his team at Content Champion are a great company to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website. They helped my company fix a major website glitch and bring traffic back to my site. Their work is transparent and their communication is great. They are an honest enjoyable SEO partner to work with."

If you are having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, Loz and his team at Content Champion are a great company to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website. They helped my company fix a major website glitch and bring traffic back to my site. Their work is transparent and their communication is great. They are an honest enjoyable SEO partner to work with.
SEO Services Doug Hopeman

​Doug Hopeman, ​Artificial Plants and Trees

Want ​SEO Results Like These?

1. Ecommerce Site In The Home Improvement Niche

​Results from an ecommerce client in the home improvement niche we started working with in November 2016, who saw a 3 x increase in targeted organic traffic and a 2 x increase in organic ranking keywords over just a four month timeframe.

SEO example 1
SEO example 2

2. Penalty Removal In The Healthcare Niche

These graphics show organic traffic and keywords recovering after we worked to remove a spam penalty for a client in the healthcare niche.

SEO penalty removal
Google penalty recovery service

3. New Ecommerce Site In Home Appliances Niche

These results are for a new ecommerce site on an aged domain in the domestic appliances niche, which saw huge growth in both organic keywords and traffic in just the first 5 months of our work.

ecommerce seo
seo services

4. Local SEO Campaign In The Fitness Niche

These charts show the increase in both organic traffic and keywords after we worked with a service business in the health & fitness sector to enhance their rankings in local search.


5. Ecommerce Site In The Luxury Goods Niche

The results below chart our success building the organic traffic and ranking keywords over time for an established ecommerce website in the luxury goods sector.


6. Professional Services Website

The following results chart the rise in organic traffic and keywords on a professional services website over a period of 12 months.


"Our website is our main source of enquiries again..."

​'We asked Loz to rebuild our website after we had been hit by a Google penalty when someone hacked our previous WordPress install. Loz and his team worked to clear the penalty, restructure the site for optimal on-page SEO and create an attractive new website for our busy clinics. The site now ranks well in local search and is the main source of our patient enquiries again."

Dr Mir

Dr. Sarim. R. Mir, Founder, ​​​​​Mir Neurology

Want More Traffic & Sales From SEO?

Whether your site is running on html, Woocommerce for WordPress, Shopify, Miva, Magento or many other popular platforms - our proven SEO service can deliver the results you need to turn your business around.

Call now for a free custom SEO quote on 0843 289 1405 or click the button below to email our team. Alternatively, set up your free client dashboard to access our latest SEO pricing.

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