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CCC 006: Ecommerce SEO in 2017, Zero Backlinks X 2, Featured Snippets [& More]

Ecommerce SEO in 2017

It's time for the 6th edition of Content Champion Curated, our weekly barefoot run through the dewy grass of content marketing. Dreamy.

For this installment I've opted for a positively vulgar bright purple colour for the graphic - so I hope it doesn't put you off too much.

This time we're picking up tips about ecommerce SEO in 2017, looking at two resources on growing traffic with zero backlinks, and a great piece on rich snippets. Rich pickings more likely.

Let's dive in...

Ecommerce SEO in 2017


Image credit: Pixabay

I interviewed Nick Eubanks for the podcast a while back - before he sold his fantastic site 'SEO Nick'. He was a great guest and there's not much he doesn't know about SEO.

Nick recently started another amazing site called 'SEO AUV' - and in this fascinating article and video he gives us some of his observations on where he thinks ecommerce SEO is headed in 2017, based on real examples.

I've noticed similar SERP behaviour with client ecommerce sites, so have a watch and see what you make of it...

179,000 Monthly Visitors With No Links

zero backlinks

Image credit: Fat Stacks Blog

Jon Dykstra at the always incredible Fat Stacks Blog has just published a post on how a site in the health niche managed to get nearly 180,000 monthly visitors without building any links.

This is a hot topic at the moment - which is why I've done a podcast on the subject (see below) - but to see a real life case study on how to grow your site traffic without link building is great affirmation that it does actually work as a model.

As you would expect from Jon there's a ton of value in here - so get yourself a cuppa...

How To Steal Featured Snippets

rich snippets

Image credit: Diggity Marketing

If you've got no idea what rich snippets are, how they can help you and why you'd want to steal them - then this great article from Matt Diggity can provide some serious value for your online business.

You'd know what rich snippets were once you saw them - they're the quick answers that Google serves up at the top of the SERPS when you type in a 'how to' type keyword.

So if you'd like to get your business featured in those prime pieces of online real estate, Matt will show you how...

Content Marketing Lessons From 2016

content marketing lessons

Image credit: Entrepreneur

With a constant maelstrom of information available about content marketing - it's hard to know how to make sense of what's working and what isn't.

Never fear, clarity and good sense are at hand in this insightful piece by Brian Sutter at Entreprenuer - where he picks out 5 key content marketing lessons from last year.

And my key takeaway from this; in 2017 you need to 'go mobile or go home'...

The Global State of Content Marketing

global content marketing report

Image credit: Outbrain

Hot off the press this one - Outbrain has just launched its 'Global State of Content Marketing' report - with a nifty clickable map that lets you choose your country of interest to reveal all the relevant stats about content marketing trends in that particular part of the world.

I've been playing around with this thing for ages; it really is a fantastic piece of content marketing in its own right - as it makes Outbrain look massively authoritative.

Try it out for yourself and see how content marketing is faring in your neck of the woods...

How To Get Traffic Without Backlinks

How To Get rankings & traffic without backlinks with doug cunnington

Image credit: Content Champion

Our second piece on the subject of zero backlinks this week is my podcast with Doug Cunnington, on how he gets rankings and traffic by focusing on 'golden keywords' - and doesn't build any links at all.

This was a great show; not only is Doug an engaging guest and really knows his stuff on SEO - but as he's also a productivity expert the systems and processes he uses to build and rank money-making niche sites are fascinating.

We talked for nearly 45 minutes so make sure you're sitting comfortably when you press play...

How To Build a Content Hub

content hubs

Image credit: Smashing Magazine

Last but by no means least this week - we're heading over to Smashing Magazine to read a superb piece on building content hubs by Sam Wright and Chad Harwood-Jones.

Scaling your content marketing by creating a content hub can be a great way to attract high numbers of targeted visitors if you go about it in the right way - so this ultimate guide is required reading if you want to maximise your ROI from content.

What I really like about this piece is that it follows the process from concept to completion without leaving out any details - so if you're ready to take action just click the link below...

All Good Things Must Come To An End

OK - so that's a wrap; session six of Content Champion Curated in the bag.

Which resource did you like best? My personal favourite this week was that clickable map from Outbrain - I think content presentation of this quality really helps to set you apart.

As always, if you unearth any gems you'd like me to include here just let me know in the comments.

Until then - live long and prosper...​

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