If you run an ecommerce store or online​ business selling products or services, increasing your revenue means getting more targeted traffic to visit your site – then getting those visitors to convert in ever higher numbers.

Optimising both these areas on a continuing basis is the key to success, but although this process sounds simple – in practice it’s very hard to get right.

That’s why an increasing number of online business owners are using Google Shopping merchant feeds to maximise their online sales growth – and our team have specialist experience in exactly this area.

Serving clients across the UK - our dedicated team delivers a top quality, transparent Google Shopping service for ecommerce stores.

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Bespoke Google Shopping ​Optimisation

​Unlike many solutions where your merchant feeds are automated for a mass of products that never really convert – our ‘SEO by hand’ approach means we manually optimise each and every product on an individual basis, so you know what’s working before scaling it up.

This also means we work on tranches of products – not one massive unfocused spreadsheet - administering your Google Shopping feeds on a daily and weekly basis to achieve optimal results. Experience tells us it’s as much about the keywords and products you leave out as the ones you leave in.

An additional enhancement to our full service ecommerce SEO solution, it’s fair to say we have literally turned around some of our client’s online businesses with the careful optimisation of their Google Shopping feeds.

Google Shopping Service Features

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    ​Professional keyword research to underpin all our work on your merchant account listing
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    ​Individual manual optimisation of each and every product in your feed
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    ​Targeted use of negative keywords and product omission to enhance your ROI
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    ​Ongoing monitoring of your feed performance to achieve optimal results – so you can build on what works

"​​​Given me the attention my business deserved..."

"​​I can't tell you how much I appreciated working with ​Loz James and his team. In charge of my own business, it was such a relief to have a guiding hand to focus me onto what is needed for a successful online presence and enhanced ’searchablility'.

​He offered me true insight into my own presentation and gave me the tools, terminology and confidence to actually make amazing headway. No question, his advice and consultation was and is invaluable for my business.

Loz has given me the attention my business deserved and helped me to understand my own online communication strategy. ​Thank you so ​very much! I'm already reaping the results. I highly recommend ​Loz and his SEO services."

Chloe T

​Chloe Tinsley, Artist