Facebook Fishing Formula

CC 048: Facebook Retargeting: Fishing For Conversions With Daniel Daines-Hutt

In episode 48 of the Content Champion podcast, I'm excited to be speaking with Facebook retargeting expert and long time friend of the show, Daniel Daines-Hutt, about how his Facebook Fishing Formula can literally skyrocket your conversions. Listen to Daniel's podcast An accomplished and internationally recognised digital marketer, marketing consultant and public speaker, Daniel is…
Content authority hacks

4 Proven Hacks To Add Authority To Your Content

It’s no secret, blogging helps to attract and build an audience. Whether you run a business blog, a niche or personal site, it can help establish your authority and position you as an influencer. But if your writing fails to achieve any of this, it may mean that your posts don’t communicate your authority well…
How to make money blogging

CC 043: Show & Sell: How To Make Money Blogging With Zac Johnson

In-between recording audio for my new content marketing course, I've managed to put together an excellent new episode of the Content Champion podcast - and it's an entertaining show with Zac Johnson on how to make good money blogging in 2015. Listen to the podcast We're learning from the master here folks, because Zac has…