how to create a customer avatar

How To Create a Customer Avatar In 5 Simple Steps

What Avatars Do For Your Business Your business has its own personality, and that can be shaped by a number of factors including your founder’s vision, core company values or simply the idea that you’re selling a product or service people want.To attract the right buyers, though, it’s not about solely telling your story. It’s…
onpage seo

CC 075: On-Page SEO (SEO Essentials)

Business owners spend a lot of time and money creating visually appealing websites and in-depth content to promote themselves online. While these are key features in generating leads, you also need to understand on-page SEO essentials if you want your site to rank properly in the search engines and be found by potential clients.Since many…
backlink audits

CC 074: Backlink Audits (SEO Essentials)

​Welcome to another episode ​in the SEO Essentials series of the Content Champion podcast, where ​we ​discuss the foundational aspects of SEO ​you need to get right before ​rolling out a successful SEO campaign - or employing an agency. This time I'm joined again by our Head of SEO, Tom Peary, to ​look into the subject…