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CCC 002: Push Notifications, Content Marketing Is Nothing New [& More]

how to set up push notifications

It's already time for the second installment of 'Content Champion Curated', our weekly peep between the net curtains at the noisiest neighbours on content marketing street. Yes indeed.

With all these roundups, the inclusion process is simple: whatever catches my eye every week gets shared (even if it's older stuff that I've only just found) - with the hope you can gain some genuine value from the resources that jump out at me.

This time round we're looking at push notifications - what they are and how to set them up; why content marketing is nothing new and probably doesn't even exist (I'm now in the throes of an existential crisis); and how to setup a private Facebook Group (ah, that's more like it).

Let's - as I frequently say on The Content Champion Podcast - 'dive in'...

Setting Up Push Notifications On Your Blog

push notifications

Image credit: BloggingWizard

As a blogger myself I know how hard it can be to get your


Which is why in addition to all the usual email signup boxes and calls to action, it's great to discover there's now a new tool at our disposal to drive more return visits to our websites - in the form of 'push notifications'.

However, like my late grandfather only mastering how to play cassette tapes just as the popularity of CD's was waning - I must admit I'm not yet up to speed with this latest bit of tech.

Luckily, Elna Cain at the excellent site, BloggingWizard​, can point us all in the right direction...

Yikes! Content Marketing Doesn't Exist!

content marketing is not new

Image credit: TechCrunch

I've only just found this but it worries me. Writing in TechCrunch, Samuel Scott says that content marketing was a term made up by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute to sell content marketing training - and that inbound marketing was a term invented by HubSpot to sell inbound marketing software.

Do I agree or disagree? Do you agree or disagree? If it is true - what are we all doing wrong and how long have we been doing it wrong for?!

I need to lie down.

While I retire to a darkened room I'll leave you in the safe hands of the aforementioned Mr Scott - who says we need to get back to marketing basics...

Private Facebook Groups Are Good For Business

facebook groups

Image credit: Digital Marketer

I've got a private Facebook group - but have yet to do anything meaningful with it, because quite frankly it seems like such a lot of work, especially when it's hard to see what direct impact it will have on my business.

Sure, I've seen access to private Facebook groups being advertised as a major draw for companies launching online courses, and their reach has certainly eclipsed the use of other types of private forums - but how can they actually help and how precisely do we set one up the right way to build our online community?

Happily, Suzi Nelson at the ever-valuable Digital Marketer has written a great article about setting up Facebook groups for maximum success...

Repurposing/Refurbishing Your Best Content

content repurposing

Image credit: Moz

'You say potato, and I say po-ta-to' - some say 'refurbish' and some say 'repurpose'. Semantics and great old songs aside, this terrific edition of Whiteboard Friday from Britney Muller gives a superb list of ways to reuse your top performing content to increase traffic.

I love this because it's work smarter content marketing, where you take an analytical research-based approach to what's already working - then repurpose your best content into other formats to attract more targeted visitors through different channels.

Anyway, Britney explains it all much better than I could, so I'll hand over to her...

Does Your Writing Suck Big Time?

does your writing suck?

Image credit: Articulate Marketing

This next piece by Claire Poskitt made me feel slightly paranoid to be honest - as it had me second-guessing all the content I've ever created to establish whether it sucked or not.

After a quick audit I discovered that only some of my content did in fact 'suck' - which I took as a major bonus - and this then emboldened me in recommending this post to you.

There are 10 items on Claire's list which show up your content as being 'sucky' - and I've been guilty of quite a few of them in this post the past. Brace yourself and see how you get on...

Testing, Testing, A/B Testing...


Image credit: Content Champion

Last week I had a great chat with a fascinating and extremely intelligent guy called Nick Disabato - who knows everything there is to know about A/B testing. Seriously, he's one of those people when you get talking to you think - 'ok, this guy is genuinely a complete expert in his field'.

For just over 45 minutes we talked about all aspects of A/B split testing, and how in particular it impacts the work of content marketers. It was one of those episodes where I could have gone on asking questions on your behalf for hours - so Nick was very generous with the time he gave me.

Have a listen to the show and be prepared to take some notes, as we cover a lot of ground...

But...Content Marketing Does Exist & Has Been Around For Ages...

history of content marketing

Image credit: Uberflip

In the context of the TechCrunch article above - and in defence of Joe Pulizzi who's a great guy and has been my guest on the podcast - I'd like to finish with this excellent infographic from Hayley Mullen and Quentin Zancanaro at Uberflip.

From cave paintings to John Deer's 'The Furrow', and from Jell-O's receipe books to Uberflip's own content hubs - and much more - it appears content marketing has been with us for a long time and therefore does actually exist as a 'thing'.

Phew! My last 66 podcasts haven't been a complete waste of time then.

You'll find a link to the article and infographic on Uberflip's site below - and I've published the whole thing underneath too...

Click here to see the full infographic...

Round Up of The Round Up

So there we are - another week completed of the content marketing resources that I loved over the last 7 days - and that I hope you find useful too. I trust you enjoy these as much as I enjoy putting them together.

I'm constantly on the lookout for great new content marketing, SEO and email marketing resources to share - so if you come across anything you like then let me know and I'll consider it for inclusion.

Until next week, I wish you the very best with all your projects...​

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