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CCC 005: Headline Hacks, Site Architecture, Blog UX [& More]

Headline hacks

Welcome to the 5th edition of Content Champion Curated, our weekly bungee jump off the content marketing cliff edge. Check the cord!

You know the rules by now - if I like a resource and it adds value then it goes in. Even older stuff I've just discovered.

This time round we're looking at headline hacks, how to silo your site architecture for maximum SEO effect, and improving blog user experience - plus more.

Let's. Dive. In...

Headline Hacks

Headline hacks

Image credit: Jeff Bullas

As well as being an excellent podcast guest, Jeff Bullas publishes some great content on his blog - and these 101 headline formulas by guest author Will Blunt are no exception. (By the way, Will is a superb podcast guest too).

As an ex journalist for BBC local radio - and a copywriter of some 18 years' experience - I can attest to the pulling power of a compelling headline, and it's certainly true that some work very much better than others.

That's why having a list of proven hacks like this is so useful when formulating your next killer blog post title...

Silo Site Architecture

seo silo

Image credit: Authority Hacker

I may end up just posting a permanent link here to the Authority Hacker site - as their content is always so good they may well become a permanent feature of these roundups.

In this particular post, they look at creating SEO silos using your site architecture, so you can beat sites with similar authority using less backlinks.

Although this seems like a simple process, there is a ton of bad or conflicting advice on how to create silos available online - so it's good to have a trusted resource like this to show us how to approach it all in the right way...

Improving Blog UX

blog ux

Image credit: Blog Tyrant

When it comes to improving the user experience of your blog - many people get worried that the whole process could quickly become overly technical.

However, this nearly always isn't the case - and in fact for many website and blog owners, making highly effective UX changes can prove to be simplicity itself.

So if you want to get started with all this right now, head over to the always superb Blog Tyrant site and check out Ramsay's latest post...

Content That Keeps Getting Links

link building

Image credit: Moz

It can always be disappointing when after the initial round of promotion, your blog content just kind of fizzles out. What about all those links you thought it would earn from people keen to share your latest masterpiece?

Well - link earning is possible (if not a straightforward process) - and needless to say the content needs to be of the finest quality.

Luckily, Kerry Jones (writing in the ever-informative Moz), can help us understand what needs to be done to create the kind of content that has enough 'meat in the sandwich' to feed link-earning attention long after publication...

Have You Got 5 Minutes?

5 minute seo

Image credit: Robbie Richards

Quite frankly, Robbie Richards needs to be slightly less good at all this SEO and content marketing stuff - because he's making the rest of us look bad 🙂

His latest '5 Minute Friday' video series covers topics such as 'how to build an upside down homepage', 'how to increase keyword spread and organic reach', and 'how to perform topical keyword research'. And as you would expect from Robbie - they are all excellent.

We've all got five minutes to spare right? So let's go and check them out...

Content Marketing With Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Image credit: My News Desk

Here's a good one from the podcast archive - in which I interview the highly knowledgeable Kavi Guppta about how Jamie Oliver has used content marketing to grow his cookery business empire.

Kavi is a great speaker and really knows his stuff, so not only was this podcast a memorable episode to put together - but it also left me feeling in awe at just how astute Jamie Oliver is.

I think you'll really enjoy listening to this one, so pull up an easy chair and a coffee and press play...

21 Customer Acquisition Strategies

Customer Maps

Image credit: Matthew Barby

To finish off with this week - I advise you to go over to Matthew Barby's blog and read every single thing he's ever published.

Make sure you start with this excellent piece on customer acquisition though, because as with all Matthew's content it makes a difficult subject much easier to understand.

The technique he features that I'm experimenting with at the moment is aligning search intent to the type of content upgrades you create for specific posts. There are loads more gems in this piece though so prepare to take some notes...

That's All Folks

That's it until next week guys, I hope you found some value here. I'm particularly keen on those 5 minute videos Robbie Richards is doing - that's a great format.

Anyway - keep me posted if you find any superb resources you'd like me to include, and I'll be back with some choice picks next time.

Until then - thanks for reading...​

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