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CCC 004: Do I Need A Blog, Email Marketing Services [& More]

Do I Need a Blog

Hi folks, it's time once again for Content Champion Curated, our weekly ride on the content marketing unicorn. Trippy.

I've selected some great resources for you in this edition, so I hope you enjoy digging down into a few of these articles to learn more.

This time round we're asking the question; 'do I really need a blog?', looking at some of the best email marketing services currently available, and considering how to build trust through content marketing - plus of course lots more.

That all said, let's dive in...

Do You Really Need a Blog?

Do you really need a blog?

Image credit: Search Engine Land

Many businesses and webmasters wonder if their rankings and traffic will benefit from having a blog - and equally, will their rankings suffer if they don't have one at all or stop the blogging they are doing?

In this excellent piece by Stephanie LeVonne on Search Engine Land, she considers how blogging helps our SEO efforts - and where SEO fits within the conversion funnel. The long and short of this is that ongoing content creation is essential.

So if you're struggling with a 'finite keyword set' on your site and want to attract more traffic, leads and sales through blogging - this article is a good place to start...

Email Marketing Services Reviewed (Pt 1)

best email marketing services

Image credit: Pixabay

In part one of this standout post from VideoFruit, Bryan Harris treats us to an in-depth review of three of the top seven email marketing services currently available. He'll add another review to the post every week.

All Bryan's content is next level stuff - but I particularly enjoyed reading this because he's so thorough with his testing of the various solutions, which include ConvertKit, Drip & Active Campaign this time round - and will go on to feature MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft and GetResponse in future.

Not only are the reviews great in themselves, but the whole piece is a superb example of how to write an evergreen content series that will certainly have me going back for more...

Building Trust With Content Marketing

building trust with content marketing

Image credit: Copyblogger

I can personally attest to the power of building trust through content marketing - as over the last three years my podcast has helped me generate tens of thousands of pounds' worth of business.

In this excellent piece on Copyblogger, founder Brian Clark discusses the essence of content marketing and introduces us to the art of 'disinterested goodwill' - with three proven ways to leverage it.

If you want to demonstrate authority through your content in order to build trust with your target audience, this post should not be missed...

The Essential Guide to Internal Linking

internal linking

Image credit: Pixabay

When it comes to SEO, many people get hung up on the latest shiny new techniques - when just a close adherence to the basics would suffice.

Getting your on-page SEO in order is a common area that's often overlooked - and in turn the simple process of strategic internal linking can frequently fall by the wayside as a result.

Luckily, this actionable piece by Julia McCoy writing in Search Engine Journal should point all of us in the right direction...

The Less Is More Content Strategy


Image credit: Buzzsumo

I just love this article by Steve Rayson on the Buzzsumo blog - not least because it charts the success of Brian Dean - one of my all time favourite SEO's and a fantastic podcast guest.

While many content marketers focus on quantity to try and move the traffic and conversions needle, this post explains how on his popular blog, Backlinko, Brian gained over 6.7 million visitors in under five years by not following the herd.

So what's the secret...

Well sadly Brian didn't get all that traffic by writing one roundup post every week and publishing one podcast a month 🙂 It was by publishing one massive value-packed highest-quality resource every month, then promoting the hell out of it...

My Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

Ultimate content marketing glossary

Image credit: Content Champion

Still the most popular resource on this blog by some way, my content marketing glossary is still helping people to understand the intricacies of various industry terms some 3 years after it was published.

In the context of the Copyblogger piece above, glossaries are a great way to build evergreen authority and trust on your own business website - and they can be constantly updated with fresh definitions over time.

I've linked to my glossary below, and have also written an article about creating your own similar resource here...

The Importance of Video In Social Media Marketing

video in social media marketing

Image credit: Buffer

Writing on the always superb Buffer Blog, Alfred Lua reminds us that video is taking over when it comes to gaining engagement through social media marketing.

These 50 well-researched stats over 7 categories provide a crushing weight of evidence that when it comes to social media - if you aren't using video then you're missing out.

One of the most interesting sections to me was the purchasing behaviour segment - where we discover that 4 times as many consumers would like to watch a video about a product than read about it. Time to dust down my copy of Screenflow...

Let's Round It Up

So that's it for another week guys, I trust you enjoyed delving down into some of these excellent resources - I know I did. In particular, I'll be checking back on that VideoFruit post as Bryan adds more email marketing service reviews next week.

As always, if you discover any valuable articles, podcasts or videos in the content marketing space - let me know and if I agree they're great I'll put them in 🙂

Until next time - take it easy my friends ...​

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