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CCC 003: Creating a Niche Website, Blogging Inspiration [& More]

how to create a niche website

Seven days have already passed and it's time once again for the latest edition of 'Content Champion Curated', our weekly medley of content marketing's greatest hits. Poptastic!

You know the rules of 'Triple C' - if I like it goes in, even if it's older stuff that has just caught my eye. Again, if it provides value I'll share it.

In this instalment we're looking at how to create a niche website (all the rage), blogging inspiration (so you never get writer's block), and how to get your onpage SEO right (this one is especially great).  

So without further nonsense from me - let's dive in...

Creating a Niche Website

creating a niche website

Creating authority niche websites is all the rage at the moment - and rightly so - because it's a profitable business model that actually works.

Among a host of great blogs and resources on the subject - there is perhaps none better than Chris Lee at Rank XL, and it's his niche site authority guide that's first on the list today.

If you're wondering where to start with all this, then Chris' step-by-step tutorial is the ideal place to kick off your first niche site project.

Chris himself makes $1,000's a month from his niche websites, so you'll be in knowledgeable hands...

How To Get Blogging Inspiration

blogging inspiration

From the blog of one of the most inspiring people I've ever had the privilege of interviewing - Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger - comes an article on blogging inspiration from Ayodeji Awosika. That works quite neatly doesn't it?

We all get writer's block sometimes (heaven knows I do which is why this week's edition is so hard to write), but this entertaining and informative piece gives us 99 ways to get over ourselves and find something worth committing to paper (or keyboard).

I can't get that Jay-Z song out of my head now - but rest assured 'I've got 99 problems but this article ain't one'...

Take it away Ayodeji...

Keyword Finder Review


When it comes to building authority sites (see above), the other great luminaries in the space are the guys at Authority Hacker. I think I've read/listened to every single word on their website.

Anyway, I've just started using a great new keyword research tool for my own niche site and client projects - KWFinder - and was trying to get up to speed with it when this superb article dropped in my inbox.

As with everything they put out, you can expect an in-depth, fluff-free review that will get you where you need to be quickly ...

>> KW Finder Review


If you enjoy these roundups and would like to invest in KWFinder through my partner link (which won't cost you anything extra) please click this link or the one above. I recommend this tool 100%.

Are You Getting Your Onpage SEO Right?

onpage seo

Content archive alert! Yes, this is an 'oldie but a goodie' - if that's even a phrase.

Charles Floate's essential guide to onpage SEO is simply brilliant, and is packed with all the key elements you need to include when making web pages that Google will love.

Charles describes this process as a 'lost art' - and given so many people forget the basics of onpage SEO - he's got a point...

Blogging Tips For More Traffic, Emails & Revenue

blogging tips

I interviewed Robbie Richards on the podcast a while back, and as well as being a great guest - he produces some seriously good 'content marketing' content too.

This next featured post is a great example, as he takes us through five advanced blogging tips to drive more traffic, email subscribers and ultimately - revenue. So get ready to take some notes.

And because Robbie has just been to his sister's wedding in Australia, you even get a picture of a koala thrown in too. What are you waiting for?!...

Introducing The SEO Spider's Web

Will Blunt SEO Spider's Web

Image credit: Content Champion

From koalas to spiders (but staying Down Under), this is another one from the archive - but if you don't mind me saying so I just had to include it as it's so good. How about that for self promotion 🙂

Meet Will Blunt of Blogger Sidekick, the Aussie content marketing professional behind the SEO Spider's Web system. If you're looking for a way to improve website user experience, produce authority content and build powerful backlinks - then this podcast is required listening.

Will is a great interviewee and shares loads of value in this show, so I hope you enjoy our chat...

The Content Marketing Movie (Yes Really)

content marketing story

Image credit: Content Marketing Institute

In what must count as a great piece of content marketing in itself, the team at Content Marketing Institute have created a movie about content marketing.

It's actually a fascinating watch, and charts the history of the discipline, how it has evolved and what the future holds for content marketing.

Basically, this film underlines how content marketing has changed the face of modern business - and that if you refuse to acknowledge and embrace it - you'll quite simply get left behind.

There's a link to the movie in situ on the Content Marketing Institute site itself, and I've also embedded it to watch below. It's 43 minutes long so get a coffee...

Round Up, Round Up, Round Up

OK - so rounding up the roundup for another week, I hope you've enjoyed these resources and got some genuine value from them.

That movie above is pretty impressive right?

As always, if you come across anything you'd like to see included - let me know and I'll be happy to consider it for inclusion.

Until next time - have fun and don't work too hard...​

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