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How Content Marketing Leads To Sales With Chris Marr

CC 076: How Content Marketing Leads To Sales With Chris Marr

​Hello and welcome to episode 76 of the ​Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time, I’m delighted to be talking with the founder of the Content Marketing Academy - Chris Marr.Chris has fast become the leading voice in the UK content marketing movement - and the CMA Live conference he established, held annually in…
how to create a customer avatar

How To Create a Customer Avatar In 5 Simple Steps

What Avatars Do For Your Business Your business has its own personality, and that can be shaped by a number of factors including your founder’s vision, core company values or simply the idea that you’re selling a product or service people want.To attract the right buyers, though, it’s not about solely telling your story. It’s…
content marketing glossary

The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

**** Newly Updated For 2018**** In order to help the wider community understand some of the terminology used within the content marketing industry, I've put together this comprehensive content marketing glossary giving definitions for many of the commonly used terms in the sector. Currently comprising over 550 individual definitions organised in alphabetical order, this growing…
John Deere content marketing

How to Research and Plan a Content Marketing Campaign

[caption id="attachment_3296" align="aligncenter" width="650"]John Deere content marketing John Deere have been at the forefront of content marketing since 1895[/caption] [This is a guest post by Allison Boyer]   The first time I heard the phrase content marketing, I thought, “Oh great. Another type of online marketing I have to worry about. What now?”
But after doing some research, I found that “content marketing” is just a new phrase for old ideas. Content marketing is nothing more than using entertaining, educational, or inspirational media to promote your business. Instead of selling directly, you’re simply communicating with your potential customers so they get to know your brand.