CC 060: Building Profitable Website Assets With Jon Haver (ACE 1)

For the first part of my new Authority Content Experiment (ACE), I'm talking with experienced income site builder Jon Haver, about how to build profitable website assets. At the time of writing, Jon has just made $35,000 in one month with his niche sites - a process which he documents on his excellent blog, Authority Website Income. So I was delighted when he agreed to be my partner for this exciting new venture, where I build an income generating site from start to finish and document the whole process here.

Jon Haver building authority sites

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Watch Me Build a Money Making Niche Site From Scratch

Before I started Content Champion I built a suite of niche sites that mainly sold affiliate and Amazon products, that combined to earn me a decent side income to my main copywriting and content marketing client work. Only two of these survived the major Google changes a few years ago - and I wound them all up when I started my podcast as I simply had too much to do.

But in truth I miss the challenge of creating and promoting website assets like these - and I want to build another one. So rather than just going off to put up another site, I thought I'd do it all totally transparently from start to finish and document my successes and failures on this blog. In this context it will hopefully be a great learning experience for all of us 🙂

For the last few years I’ve been following some truly superb internet marketers who are doing great things with content based business models and authority sites - namely Gael Breton at Authority Hacker, Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income, Jon Dykstra at Fat Stacks Blog and Spencer Haws at Niche Pursuits. And that’s not forgetting Matt Wolfe at Multiply Authority, Stuart Walker at Niche Hacks, Chris Lee at RankXL and Jon Haver at Authority Website Income. By the way, I know these guys are fantastic at what they do - because I’ve purchased products from all of them.

Some of the authority sites these guys have built - and the revenue they've generated from them - are a true source of inspiration to me and thousands of others, and I'd love to get back on the horse with my own authority site and see what's working with this business model now in 2016 and beyond. I also want to make sure the site I build is outside of the online marketing/content marketing niche - like Content Champion - so I can show you it can be done in other sectors too.

To launch this whole initiative, I'm delighted to host expert money site builder Jon Haver of Authority Website Income on this episode of the podcast. As mentioned, Jon pulled in over $35K in net income from his authority websites in April 2016 - so he certainly knows what he’s talking about, and he’s very kindly agreed to help me with this exciting and very interesting experiment. So let's get this show on the road with an official announcement...

Introducing The Authority Content Experiment (ACE)

OK - so this article is officially ACE 1 - the first post in my new series where I research, build and promote a money making niche site from scratch - and document the whole process so you can follow along.

I’ll set out the goals and rules of the project below, but first a quick note on how this will pan out. I’m still planning to release my interviews with top content marketing professionals - so these shows will now go out twice a month. In-between these will be regular twice-monthly updates on the ACE project in the form of a podcast together with additional resources on the blog. I’m going to be fully transparent about the project at all times, and will release the domain publically when 20 posts have been published on the new site.

If you want to follow along and ask questions etc, me and occasionally Jon will be on hand at various stages of the process to help you out - and you can always access all the information as it’s published here on the blog - or at the special domain

I’ll now set out the goals and rules - and then there’s a ‘scene setting’ interview to listen to with me and Jon which sets up the whole experiment and goes through how Jon builds his authority sites. He’ll be coming back in a month or so to discuss his exact process for creating and promoting content and working with outsourcers.

Jon will be helping me build the actual site itself and conduct all the keyword research through his excellent Brand Builders service - and I’ll then take over the project as the main content editor and site manager, following his precise techniques.

Project Goals

OK - so here are the goals:

1. To set up a high quality authority site in the yoga nice, that offers genuine value to readers.

2. To get that site earning $1,000 a month as quickly as possible using ad placements and affiliate links.

3. To build an email list of 1,000 people as quickly as possible.

4. To document the whole process in a completely transparent way so you can learn from my successes & failures.

Yoga authority site building

You’ll instantly notice two things about these goals - that I’ve already chosen the yoga niche (more on that later), and that I haven’t mentioned traffic numbers. The simple answer to this is that I want to measure the success of this project on revenue - and that figure combined with the other essential metric of email subscribers is therefore going to be my focus. But of course, I'll report back on all those traffic and engagement figures too as we go along.

I chose the yoga niche for a variety of reasons - and I’m going to make that the subject of my next instalment of the ACE project - so stay tuned.

Project Rules

Here are the simple rules of this experiment:

1. The site must be built using high quality on-page content and SEO, and nothing can ever compromise this so audience value comes first.

2. The site can be promoted by any ethical means, but only ‘white hat’ outreach style links can be built into the site. We will not be using any PBN’s or spammy links.

3. I will be outsourcing much of the work on the site, but much of what I do can be copied either at a low cost or for free.

4. If/when the site reaches an income level I’m happy with, it can be sold.

That’s it really - I want to keep things simple so won’t impose too many rules on how we do things. I’m sure this project will evolve as it goes along, but rest assured I’ll keep you fully updated with what happens at every stage.

So - for now stage one is to listen to my podcast with Jon Haver from Authority Website Income which will setup the whole experiment. The first person to leave a review about this show on iTunes will get an exclusive 10% discount code on any of the authority site building services over at

Oh, and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about the process in the comments below...