How To Attract Thousands of Visitors To Your Next Blog Post


How to get more blog traffic

Follow this guide to get more traffic to each blog post you publish

You’ve just completed an epic blog post on a trending topic in your niche that took hours to research and several days to write.

Like any authoritative industry expert, you’ve packed the post with high value content and actionable points that are certain to solve the problems of your readers and convert them into loyal customers.

You click the publish button and prepare yourself for streams of knowledge hungry readers, dozens of comments and hundreds of social shares.

But unfortunately, even after waiting patiently for days, you have only a couple of spam comments to show for all your hard work.

The good news, in a way, is that you’re not the only one facing this problem.

The internet is full of high quality small business blogs with zero reader engagement and negligible traffic.

Why Nobody Visits Your Blog

The reason is simple – writing great content isn’t enough to attract readers.

You need to push your content continuously on multiple platforms in a variety of ways to attract regular readership and increase user engagement.

Just randomly sharing your content once or twice on Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough. You need to follow a comprehensive blog promotion strategy every time you post fresh content.

Today’s internet users have very short attention spans and even shorter memories. If your content is not in their face all the time, you’re likely to miss out on a significant portion of your potential blog traffic.

If you believe your content is good enough to help the readers then why wait for them to find you?

So it’s important that you stand out from the hundreds of blog posts your potential readers see every day, by creating excitement and a sense of anticipation with your blog content.

Here are a few ways you can attract more readers to your blog, prepare them for future posts and push your content aggressively once it goes online.

1. Optimize Your Blog Content For The Search Engines


Yoast is the market leading WordPress SEO plugin

Even before it’s published, your content needs to be optimized for search engine traffic.

No matter what promotional strategy you adopted, you would still depend heavily on search engine traffic for a proportion of your website visitors.

So it’s important you follow all the fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines while creating the content for your blog.

The most effective way to do that, in my experience, is by using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. This free plugin will help you get all the basics of SEO in place every time you publish a new post.

It gives you SEO guidelines on the basis of your target keywords and helps you create optimized post titles, content, meta descriptions and URLs.

While using this plugin doesn’t automatically guarantee you an immediate spot on the first page of Google, it does give your content a strong foundation and makes it much easier for search engines to find you based on your target keywords.

Another good alternative with a simpler toolset is the All In One SEO plugin. I recommend both.

2. Share Content On Google+

Google +

Google +, the next big thing?

Like it or not, Google+ is here to stay. So it’s vital that you make use of this platform – for more than one reason.

Not only does Google+ enjoy a huge member base, that is very different from other social networks, but it can also have an impact on your search engine rankings.

But you need to do more than just sharing every post on your Google+ profile. Google+ has a number of features that you can use to your advantage and attract huge streams of traffic.

–       Share your latest content on your Google+ profile with a high quality image. Images usually drive much higher click through rates as compared to simple text posts.

–       Create your company page on Google+ and post content over there as well.

–       Always use relevant hashtags with all your Google+ posts.

–       Always add a brief description and a call to action when you post a link.

–       Share your content in relevant Google+ communities. These communities can drive HUGE traffic to your blog so don’t underestimate their value.

–       Use Google+ sharing tools like Friends+Me, Chrome Do Share and a few others to spread your content to relevant users. Here’s a detailed post on using these tools

3. Share Content On Twitter


Twitter can drive large amounts of targeted traffic

Twitter is probably the most important social media platform for promoting blog posts. It has millions of users, some of them extremely influential, from all types of businesses who actively share content with their followers.

It offers you a huge opportunity to attract relevant readers and make your posts go viral.

Here are a few ways you can do that.

–       Tweet immediately every time you create a new post. You can use plugins like WordTwit to do that automatically.

–       Use relevant hashtags (not more than 3).

–       Always use images with Tweets – they convert much better.

–       Mention niche influencers in your Tweets and ask for RTs

–       Tweet every post multiple times in different time zones using different variations of your post title. BufferApp is the perfect tool to do this.

–       Submit your Tweet on to get a quick and natural 30-40 RTs.

–       Use plugins like Evergreen Post Tweeter to regularly Tweet old posts from your blog. This can bring significant traffic from older content.

4. Share Content On Facebook


Despite declining user numbers, Facebook is still the biggest game in town

Google+ and Twitter have their own advantages, but Facebook is still one of the most effective sources of traffic generation for bloggers. But just like other social media websites, simply sharing your posts isn’t enough.

Here are a few smart ways to drive traffic from Facebook:

–       Start a Facebook page for your business and share every post on it.

–       Make sure every post has a high quality image with it.

–       Add a 1-2 line description and a call to action with every link.

–       Use hashtags with every post, but don’t overdo it (not more than 3)

–       Join Facebook groups related to your business and share every post with them as well.

–       Share every post multiple times with a gap of 2-3 days and use different images every time.

5. Share Content On LinkedIn


LinkedIn is especially good for B2B traffic

The objective of a business blog is to build customer loyalty and there’s no better platform than LinkedIn to help you do that.

Here are a few ways to make effective use of LinkedIn:

–       Create a comprehensive company profile on LinkedIn and connect your blog to it.

–       Share every new post on your personal profile and ask your employees/team members to do the same.

–       Just like other social networks, make sure your posts have high quality images.

–       Use short descriptions and call to actions with every link.

–       Join relevant industry groups on LinkedIn, become a part of the discussions over there and share your content where relevant.


6. Share Post Images On Pinterest


Pinterest can drive huge amounts of traffic in image-centric industries

Pinterest is growing exponentially, both in terms of influence and the number of members, and just cannot be ignored.

So set up your account, create boards to match the categories on your site – and get pinning.

7. Submit To Social Bookmarking & Content Curation Platforms


Once the self-styled ‘homepage of the Web', Reddit still packs a punch

There are dozens of social bookmarking websites, but three of them stand out because of the volume of traffic they can drive to your blog.

But you need to be careful not to overuse them:

–       Share the original links (no link shortners) of your latest posts on Digg.

–       Add a description with every link.

–       Don’t only Digg your own posts all the time. Share other content as well.

–       Digg multiple posts every time you use Digg.

–       Submit original links to your posts on Reddit.

–       Select relevant subreddits.

–       For maximum impact, submit to subreddits over 20,000 readers.

–       Infographics, images, drawings, videos and questions usually get more shares on Reddit (Click here to learn more about it)

–       Submit the links of your latest posts along with a catchy description.

–       Share the content of other authors as well.

–       Connect and engage with other users to get maximum benefit from this platform.

Apart from these bookmarking websites, there are several highly effective content curation platforms as well that can help you get more traffic.

Scoopit, an intuitive way to share content can get you hundreds of quick visitors if you use this platform intelligently:

–       Search for the scoops relevant to your business.

–       Sort them by the number of subscribers.

–       Submit your post to 15-20 top scoops.

You should also submit your post to the following blogging communities and content curation websites.

All of them can get you quick traffic:






8. Share Your Latest Posts With Your Email List

Despite all the different social media websites and traffic channels, email lists are still the most important and reliable source of returning traffic. So you should focus all the time on building your email list and use it to update your subscribers about every new post.

But emailing alone, without a strategy, will not be as effective. So here are two ways you can maximize the traffic from your mailing list.

  • Create Blog Broadcasts With AWeber

Send your subscribers an email whenever you publish a new post. But instead of doing it manually, you can use AWeber blog broadcasts to automate the whole process.

Make sure you change the RSS feed URL to the URL of your blog’s RSS feed. Also update the text and custom fields according to your blog.

You can use Loz's example below to set your custom options:

AWeber blog broadcast

An AWeber blog broadcast effectively drives subscribers back to your content

  • Create Anticipation For The Upcoming Post

Apart from updating your subscribers about the latest posts, use your emails to create a sense of anticipation for your future posts as well.

You can create a short email like this:


Create some excitement about your upcoming content

This simple email, or anything similar, can significantly improve the open rates and click through rates of your blog post emails.

9. Share Post Highlights On Slideshare


Building a presence on Slideshare is an excellent traffic strategy

A great way to attract quick and easy traffic is by creating a summary of the key points of your blog post, converting it into a PowerPoint or PDF presentation and sharing it on Slideshare.

Whichever presentation format you select, make sure you include links to the complete post on the first and the last slides. Use Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor Pro to ensure your links are embedded after you upload your PDF slideshare. This resource will show you how.

Also use backlinks to other relevant posts on your blog within the content of the presentation. Make sure that the title of your presentation is same as the original post.

In my experience, Slideshare can consistently send you large volumes of traffic, not only because of the sheer number of visits it gets but also because Google indexes it much more quickly and usually shows it higher in search results.

10. Submit Content To Blog Roundups

Blog networks

Getting featured in blog roundups can be an excellent source of backlinks

Almost every blogging niche on the internet has a few blogs that hold weekly/monthly industry round ups.

Submitting your post to these round ups can bring quick traffic and new readers.

You can find such round ups with a simple Google search,

[your niche] + blog round up

[your niche] + link party

[your niche] + best posts of the week/month

[your niche] + weekly industry round up

You can use other variations of these search queries as well. Submitting your post to even 4-5 link round ups can bring significant traffic to your blog.

11. Conduct Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is a great source of high quality backlinks

When you write a high value post that includes references to other websites, companies or bloggers, it’s always a good idea to let them know about it and ask them to share it with their audiences.

Just make sure the post is relevant to their audience and will hold value for them.

You can do this by simply emailing the relevant person a ‘head's up' about it with a link to your post, or reach out to them through their most active social networking profile.

Loz does it regularly for this blog and usually gets a positive response to 30% of his emails.

For further details on these last two strategies – and for many more SEO tips – visit Backlinko and Clambr.


Aggressive marketing is the key to getting more readers and subscribers to your blog. Each of the methods I’ve mentioned in this post is extremely effective if used regularly and as a part of a broader marketing strategy.

If you stick to these methods long enough, you’ll soon start seeing a higher number of returning visitors to your blog and a significant increase in your email subscriber list that will eventually lead to more loyal readers and customers.

So, how aggressively do you promote your content? I’d love to know about any marketing methods that I missed out in this post.

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  4. This is a very well written article by Jawad… the type that truly deserves the saying “Content is King”.

    First, I need to say say thanks for including as one of the blogging communities to get quick traffic. Good thing you listed others because like I always say – I don’t advise anyone to use just ONE, and not the others. The more blogging communities you use, the better.

    Bloggers actually need MORE awesome tightly focused social networking and/or blogging communities that bloggers can share their posts on, and for these sites to REALLY do more to help get these posts out there.

    About the different ways you mentioned in this article, there’s no way a blog post won’t get hundreds or even thousands of visitors if these ways are “really” used. Even if just some or half of these ways are used, the end result will be great!

    And therein likes the problem – it’s always easier said than done. Many bloggers will read this, shrug their shoulders and say “I know all that stuff” and go about doing things the same old ways… then they wonder why they are not getting traffic nor making money, 🙄

    But for those bloggers that are ready to do what needs to be done, just read this article and take action! And yes, you will get the hundreds or even thousands of visitors to EVERY blog post you write, 🙂

    Thanks again, Jawad, for writing such a helpful article.

    1. Hi Kingsley

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      I agree, sometimes I’ve only used half of the methods on this list and seen big traffic gains.

      When you do them all you will definitely enjoy many more visitors to your blog posts – IF you take action 🙂



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  6. Jawad and Loz,

    Sensational! I dig each tip and use most. Write good content, share on multiple platforms and persist like heck.

    I would add: join a TON of tribes and be an active participant. I tripled my traffic in days by actively promoting other people through multiple tribes.


    1. Thanks Ryan

      Glad you liked this post, Jawad covered a load of ground here.

      Great tip about the participation in lots of tribes – the more interaction the better!



  7. Hi Jawad,

    It’s important to know all the possible ways to get traffic to your blog. However you need to test each of these ways and find the ones that works best for you and concentrate on it. I can only add one tip extra to the tips that you mentioned which is creating a rich media including videos and podcast. Videos and Podcast are generating massive traffic.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

    1. Great tips Qasim

      I agree 100% about the podcasting side of things as the Content Champion podcast is going from strength to strength.

      Thank you for reading!



    1. Thanks George

      There is a mention for the All In One SEO pack, which is also recommended.

      Yoast is mentioned first as it has a slightly larger feature set though.

      Either will do the job for you very well.

      Hope this helps!


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      Great tip about the virtual assistant – that way things can become more scalable.

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    This was an excellent blog post! It was very detailed and very important. There were so many great key points that a person can apply immediately to help them get traffic to their blog posts. It can be tough sometimes but you must actively promote your blog posts consistently. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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      You’re right, great content is nothing without great promotion.



  10. Hi Jawad and Loz,

    I like how you “get” it. I was laughing when you said ‘unfortunately, even after waiting patiently for days, you have only a couple of spam comments to show for all your hard work.”

    I also like how you said I am not the only one facing this problem.

    I do like SEO by Yoast. I am not an SEO expert, so it is helpful that this plugin gives me guidelines.

    I do have a question: You talked about Twitter. I am a big fan of Buffer, but I will look at ReTweet. I don’t know anything about it. Can you maybe offer a little insight?


    1. Thanks for dropping by Barb – I just shared your site on Google +.

      Jawad really nailed it with this post and I love the tone of voice he uses.

      JustRetweet has an excellent FAQ section on exactly how their system works – and I’d like to direct you there if that’s ok.

      They say it all far better than me trying to explain the same thing. Here’s the link:

      I hope this helps. If you need assistance with anything else at any time – I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction 🙂



      1. Hi Loz,
        I had no idea that you responded way back to my comment. But, you will not believe this, I bookmarked your site and decided to stop back. I saw that you said you posted my site on Google+. Thank you! That was very nice.

        I am also posting this article. I like it!


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    Thanks for a very detailed explanation of the topic.

    What are you thoughts on the W3 Total Cache plugin?

    You didn’t mention on your post WordPress Security plugins. Any advice for this?

    Sorry for changing subject.


    1. Hi Nick

      Glad you liked the post!

      Regarding your question – W3 Total Cache is a plugin to help site speed – and I’ve had no end of problems with all these types of plugins. They can cause conflicts so make sure you backup your site before testing any.

      Like security plugins, (another issue), they can often be more trouble than they’re worth.

      This article may help you:



      1. Hi Loz,

        I spent some time digging through the posts online and based on this experience I am even more sure that this free article really is worth the money.

        I just want to thank you one more time!


        1. Thanks again Nick

          Me and Jawad both use these strategies and have success with them – and Jawad has done a great job explaining them all.



  12. Hello Jawad, Wow I have to admit that this was the best article that I have ever read. This was so jam packed with helpful information!! I never even thought about using relevant hashtags ( I actually just learned about these tonight) Great Tip!!

    Another tip that caught my eye was submitting posts to round ups, I have never heard of anything like this before.

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      Really pleased you found so much value here.

      The roundups tip is a great one as it can help you create natural, relevant and authoritative backlinks to help your post rank better in the search engines.

      Good luck!


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    Well yes it’s an awesome post. I face the same problem of not getting traffic to quality posts. Well still all the points discussed in the post are well adopted by almost all of us, the good part was that you elaborated it in a nice way.

    I have tried Slideshare but they just shut my account after I posted my self made presentation. Pinterest works well for female related posts etc.

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    This is Awesome article! I loved the way you described each and every point.

    Doing search engine optimization is important step to be done. Without doing SEO, nobody will visit your blog and read your post.

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      The step-by-step approach Jawad uses here is really informative.

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  16. Hi Jawad, thank you for a great article. I have posting blog to my floral site and have done steps 1,2,3 & 4 as you pointed out here, however, certain sites in Singapore arent very popular (relatively speaking), where do you recommend I look for country specific ways to advertise my blog post? Thanks. 🙂

    1. Hi Rose

      Great site and well done on taking action!

      I think you’d be surprised which social sharing sites are popular in Singapore – have a look at this list:

      In particular, Pinterest, Blogspot (Blogger), Tumblr,, YouTube and Instagram are all in the top 25 most visited sites.

      You could start micro-blogs on some of these platforms and use them to promote your main site.

      YouTube videos of your flower arrangements on a YouTube channel could also be a great way to get more traffic, you could also make some videos of events where your flowers have been used.

      Good luck!


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    I found your post very helpful particularly Yoast SEO plug in. I’ll definitely try it. Podcast videos images attract readers to read your content. Pinterest is a good example.

    Previously I was generating back links for my technology blogs and saw ups and mostly down in traffic. This was really irritating for me to ask people to link back to my blog using guest post.

    Then I started focusing heavily on “Content Marketing” by creating social media communities and sharing content. This gave me 110% rise in traffic. I started posting posts popular on the web by creating unique title and reader oriented content. This also raised 150% in my traffic.

    Its been like almost a year I have not generated any kinda back link but with the help of these Content Marketing and Unique popular content posting I saw a remarkable difference in traffic 😀

    So posting an awesome content doesn’t mean you’ll get awesome traffic. You’ve to follow content marketing tips like you have mentioned here.

    Cheers 🙂


    1. Hi Majid

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us in such a detailed comment.

      It’s great that by focusing on producing high quality, targeted content you’ve experienced a significant uptick in traffic – I’m finding that across the board as well.

      Your work over the last year can definitely act as an inspiration for people reading this.

      Keep it up 🙂



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    I just created a social bookmarking website and I found it very difficult to attract people to post. I have searched about how to attract people to post on social bookmarking website, but only ‘attract to blogpost’ result returns.

    Would you please write and share how to do that?

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    1. Hi Izhari

      Thanks for your comment.

      Setting up and promoting your own social bookmarking site is not something I’m too familiar with I’m afraid.

      However, once you’ve successfully identified your core market for the site, I don’t see why the usual unpaid promotional methods (plus paid advertising on Facebook and Adwords), would not help you in getting the word out.

      Great idea for a site by the way 🙂



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    Months ago, I was just focusing on updating my content, published a fresh one daily and link them to social media platforms. Although, it was effective but it seems that I don’t have a full satisfaction seeing my traffic stats.

    Just recently, I go through my published articles and apply the Yoast On-page SEO on each of them. I agree with you and I have proven that yoast will make it easier for search engines to find you based on your target keyword. I never expected it but it did work. So, I’d like to thank you for sharing great methods here!

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      I’m really thrilled you’ve achieved positive results using some of these strategies.

      It’s great you’re taking action. Go for it!



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    I come back to your blog sometimes, I learn a lot. My SEO skill is getting better.

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    Great post ! I have some issues on promotion through Reddit. Even I share other resources, only few of my submissions attract more number of readers. May be I need to come up with a good strategy ! Anyways, keep up the good work !

      1. You are right saying that content on its own is not enough to draw a huge amount of traffic to your blog, so you need to be a bit active on social networking sites as well so that people come to know about you.

        Once you start getting good visitors from networking sites they will then keep coming back to your site after reading your good content.

        The concept of a thousand visitors looks awesome 🙂 But I also believe that patience is required to enjoy traffic.

        1. I agree Neeraj

          You have to be patient and build up your traffic as you go along – but it’s definitely worth it if you hang in there.

          Thanks for dropping by!



    1. Thanks tara

      Yoast is an excellent tool – and I like the All In One SEO plugin too.

      You’re right – these pieces of software can help you up your game with SEO and learn how it all works.



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    1. Hi Gurpreet

      If you do everything on this list every time you publish a post – you will definitely get more traffic.

      Good luck 🙂


    1. I face the same problem of not getting traffic to quality posts. Well still all the points discussed in the post are well adopted by almost all of us, the good part was that you elaborated it in a nice way. bdw thanks for sharing this great article!

    1. Hi Suresh

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Mass submission of social bookmarks was never really a good idea – but if you’re active on certain platforms from a strategic point of view, and have built up a good audience there and are known for curating great content (including your own), then they could still be an outside shot if used sparingly for direct traffic – but I wouldn’t recommend it as the results will be negligible compared to the work you put into it.

      I really wouldn’t bother as it could do more harm than good in the long run.

      Hope that helps.



  25. Hi Loz,

    I love your post here. I just want to ask, do you think social bookmarking sites can still drive great traffic to a blog?

    1. Hi Tristan

      The answer to your question is no – I don’t think social bookmarking on a large-scale basis will drive any meaningful traffic to your blog. I’d spend your time on creating amazing content and outreach 🙂



  26. Jawad,

    Useful post. I’m actually happy to find this blog post because I share helpful blog posts
    with my friends and fellow bloggers on our Facebook group called ‘Bloggers’.

    I thank Loz for sharing this post.

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  28. It’s an amazing article.
    When I publish a new post, I share it on my Facebook page and relevant groups and set up a Twitter campaign at JustRetweet to get more retweets.
    However, I have not particularly used Reddit to get more traffic. I used it in the past but I didn’t see any results so I stopped using it.
    Do you think I should start using it again to get more visitors?

  29. Links from Pinterest to other websites are NO-follow. Thanks for the tips – I’ll be adding Twitter to my sharing list.

    1. Thanks Barry

      You’re right about Pinterest links being no-follow so I’ve changed the post.

      This article was written some time ago though, and I believe Pinterest has changed this in the interim.



  30. Really great simple but effective post! I’m just getting my copywriting blog up and running, so point #1 was actually very helpful. I’ve been promoting quite well but still need top optimize for SEO. Thanks! I’m a long-time listener of the Content Champion podcast.

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      Thanks dropping by – glad this helped. I appreciate your being a long time podcast listener 🙂

      Copy Ninjas looks great btw!



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  32. This article was so informative I had to make so many notes!

    I have been working for two travel blogs since January and have finally branched out to start my own blog. All of these tips both overwhelmed me and gave me confidence to give this my best shot!

    I think I’ll maybe try a few at a time though…

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Hadn’t heard of searching for a blog round up site. I will definitely look into that! Hope you get to read this 🙂

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