The Egobait Bites Method

Egobait bites

Have you tried The Egobait Bites Method?

Let’s talk about ‘work smarter’ content creation…

Over the last ten years I’ve spoken with a lot of small business owners and online entrepreneurs who find content creation a complete bore.

They come to me for their content production because they’ve been slogging away on content they’re either not happy with or simply can’t use.

And it all seems to them like a big waste of time.

Well it needn’t be – especially if you work smart with your content production.

In this article I want to introduce you to a simple tactic for creating traffic-pulling authority posts that I call ‘Egobait Bites’.

Here’s how it works…

We all have an ego, that’s why experts of all shapes and sizes in your industry simply love being talked about, and that psychology plays into what makes this work so well.

We’re all busy too, so I suggest you add this content creation process into your daily schedule in bite sized chunks of just 30 minutes.

So let’s move onto some action steps…

Formulate Your Closed Question


Day 1. Visit and type in a general search term for your industry – then choose ‘microblogs’ from the dropdown box as we want to search what’s trending on Twitter.

(We used to be able to do this with Topsy, but sadly it’s been discontinued).

See what topics are trending and create a very specific ‘one-response’ question to ask your experts.

When I did this I typed in ‘content marketing’ (for my industry), and the first post was talking about recommendations for content marketing books.

So I came up with this question:

“What content marketing book have you learned the most from?
e.g. ‘Content Critical’ by Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton.”

Next, open up a WordPress draft and write a brief introduction to tee up your question and outline the type of expert you’ve approached for answers.

See how easy that is? Now we’re going to email a few industry experts every day and ask for their answers – then add them in after our introduction.

This is a numbers game – not everybody will reply, that’s why we’re going to do this in little bite-sized tasks.

Happy? Let’s move onto the next step…

Finding & Contacting Your Experts


Day 2. Go to Alltop and type in a generic search term for your business/industry.

Visit 10 industry blogs and find an expert’s name and email address (or contact form URL).

Note these pieces of information down on a spreadsheet or Word file.

Send this exact email to each of your 10 experts:

Subject: I’d love you to answer this question…

Hi [Expert Firstname]

I’m doing an expert roundup on my site, and my audience would love to know your answer to this question:

“[Your simple one-response question here]”

Of course, I’ll include a link back to your site.

Thanks in advance!

[Your name] [Your site]

When you get some responses, which you will – pull a copy of their photo off their website and cut and paste their answer underneath your introduction straight into your post draft in WordPress.

Be sure to say who they are add a link to their website.

On your spreadsheet, make a note of who has replied and add in their email address from the return email you got (if you first contacted them through a contact form).

That’s it for this stage, let’s move on…

Putting Your Post Together


Day 3-20. Repeat stage 2 until the end of the month (week days).

By then you should have received dozens of answers, and have a neat list of experts’ photos and responses amounting to several thousand words.

Add a short introduction and conclusion and a compelling title containing your main keyword and how many people answered your question – eg, “60 Experts Reveal Their Favourite Content Marketing Books” – and format everything nicely in WordPress (very easy)…

…then publish the post.

That’s it for this step. Let’s not overthink this and take some action…

Promoting Your Post


Day 21. Get all the email addresses of those experts that answered your question, and send them this exact email as a reply to their original answer (so they remember the context):

Hi [Expert Firstname]

Thanks again for your answer.

You can find the published article here, and it makes interesting reading:

[URL of your article here]

Best wishes

[Your name] [Your site]

What will happen now is that most of the experts featured in your roundup post will share it with their social media followers (free publicity for them!) – and some of those followers will do the same.

But notice how I don’t even ask them to share it – this could be viewed as pushy or even rude.

You can then use other tactics to promote the post as well.

This means your new post will get loads of visitors, natural links and social media love, and rank well in the long term for your chosen keywords too.

That’s why the ‘Egobait Bites’ approach is a winner all round.


If you take action on the ‘Egobait Bites’ tactic, you’ll end up with something like this post:

60 Experts Reveal Their Favourite Content Marketing Books

At the time of writing, this post has been viewed over 30,000 times and racked up hundreds of social shares and email signups.

Not bad for 30 minutes’ work a day! And if you don’t want to do any of it yourself – you can outsource the whole process.

It’s really worthwhile – so give it a go and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

I mean it – if you’re not ready to take action and get this done then what are you even doing with your content marketing?! 🙂

About the Author Loz James

Loz James is a professional content marketer and copywriter with over 17 years' industry experience. A former broadcast journalist for BBC local radio, he founded Content Champion in 2012 to deliver best practice content marketing training & services.

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