The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

Ultimate content marketing glossary

In order to help the wider community understand some of the terminology used within the content marketing industry, I’ve put together this comprehensive content marketing glossary giving definitions for many of the commonly used terms in the sector.

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10 Tactics To Improve Blog Readership

Increase your blog traffic

If your blog is like a wild west town full of tumbleweeds, you need to follow these ten proven traffic strategies for generating more visitors. And I don’t mean just any old visitors – I mean engaged, interested and loyal visitors who might very well buy your products and services after you’ve built a solid relationship with them.

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10 Inspiring Content Marketing Stats

Content marketing stats in 2014

At the start of the year I interviewed Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute about how content marketing is maturing beyond the adoption phase into a marketing prerequisite that all forward-thinking companies are using.

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How To Perform A Content Audit

How to perform a content audit

The word “audit” is hardly one that is taken with a sense of enthusiasm. In fact, we most often associate this action with the tax authorities; scenes of trepidation and confusion may follow close behind.

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